How to Wow Your Audience Online or On Stage
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How to Wow Your Audience Online or On Stage with Soness Stevens

How to Wow Your Audience Online or On Stage with Soness Stevens

Do you want to know if you are a How, What, Why, What if person? How do you wow your audience online or live?  You’re gonna find out with this awesome podcast with Soness Stevens.

Before that, I want to plug an awesome app that I used.

Periscope which is similar to Meerkat is a live streaming app that’s free. You can link it with Twitter. It’s free and awesome for live events. It’ll allow you to interact with other people on Periscope as your event is live. You can also use it for your workshop or live webinar for your business. I would love to know if anyone have used periscope.

I’m thrilled to bring you this podcast interview with Soness Stevens who I meet with (virtually) every 2 weeks in a mini Mastermind group and she features as a Guest Expert in my 7 Secrets to Social Media & Networking Online Course.


Tell us about your background

I work with emerging thought leaders, who need to get their message on a bigger stage, both live and online. A lot of people speak on TED, on seminars, but you need more than that. You need to step up to leave a movement. And that’s your speaking journey. And it starts right now.

Let say you are an entrepreneur and you have these great ideas, and you want it to get out there. A lot of people get up to me, asking, “How can I speak on TED?” We have to think about it more not as TED as a goal or gold but more as a stage to your speaking journey. TED isn’t about promoting your business. It’s a place about your ideas. If you do have ideas worth spreading, you really want to connect it on many levels when getting there. You have to be speaking on a regular basis. Basically, your whole entire life should be based on your whole concept that it just comes out naturally in conversation for you. Whether you’re having a lunch with a friend, doing a seminar or a webinar, that’s where you begin your speaking journey. Think about speaking at TED as just one of your steps. Because it doesn’t end there. It continuous on and on and on.


Where should people start to speak? How do they choose where to start?

We’re not aiming for a viral talk, we’re aiming for making a change and a difference in the world. That’s why we do what we do because we want to affect a lot of people. Starting it off with one podcast, or a group of 10 people at a fitness seminar or a certification program. It starts there. And then it grows and grows and grows. So many people will then appreciate and value your message, that they want you to go forward.

The more you are speaking on a daily basis, the more that you are making your message more concise. You just need to get out there and speak as much as possible to anyone who will listen or anybody who wants to join the dialogue. You’re not really promoting yourself,but have them engage in what you have to say. Think of it as more of a dialogue.


What do you say to people that do not get excited to the idea of speaking? To introverts?

[Tweet “You have to forget about yourself. It’s not about you. – Soness Stevens on being a successful speaker. Go to Girl #Podcast 75”] Nobody cares a flip about you. The most important person in the world is “Me” and when you are talking to someone else, you have to remember they also feel they are the most important person in the world, too.

How can we relate our message so that is not “Me-focused” or “I centered” but more about “You” What can I be of service to you? What can I give to you? Because that way, the person will be more engaged and interested. We need to let go of the notion that, “Speaking is about ourselves.” It’s really about the other person and leaving that gap, the chance for someone to respond.

We should look at connection versus the confidence. What we really want to do, at the end of the day is to connect with other people. So how can we better connect? Whether speaking one to one, or one to a million, there’s really no difference if you are at it for the motivation of connection. There are 3 easy things you can do to keep that connection:

  1. Curiosity. Be genuinely curious about what the other person say and think. What do they mean? Even if you are online, be curious about the people you’re speaking to. Reach out. Connect with them.
  2. Take some time. Just give yourself that permission. We never force kids into an awkward situation. Explore, and get comfortable with the idea. Understand how it works.
  3. Engage. Know your audience, who you’re speaking to.


How do you know your audience?

There are 4 types of people. [Tweet “To connect 100% of your audience, you have to know these four types.”][Tweet ” If you want to connect with your audience, you have to speak their language.”]

Why – these are people who needs engagement. These people love dialogue. They love to have that inspiration and that feeling. They make up 35% of your audience. They tend to go to coaching.

What – They love data, quotes, numbers, and statistics, step by step that this stuff works. They love to take notes. They are mostly engineers or math lovers, detail-oriented folks. They are 22% of your audience.

How – They love to experiment. They are action people. They need to try it right now. They are 18% of your audience.

What if – they are the daydreamers? They like to imagine what they can do. What if they can use it another way? They are idea people. They are excited to ask questions. Most of them are artists, entrepreneurs, inventors. They are 25% of your audience.







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