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How to use Facebook Live to grow your Business

I love it when people who you respect and admire online, turn out to be even more amazing in person!


This was the case with some of the ‘online celebrities’ that I met /re-connected with at this years Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego California.  You just might recognise some of the faces below including:

Jaime Tardy (she interviews only Millionaires on) the Eventual Millionaire Podcast, John-Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire, Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine, Cliff Ravenscroft Podcast Answerman, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Kim Garst and Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted.  As an event-organiser myself I have to give a huge shout out to Phil Mershon and Mike Stelzner and the team at Social Media Examiner for putting on such a fabulous event!

Yep, it was pretty cool to be invited to be a ‘Networking Ambassador’ at this prestigious event with 2700 attendees and 150 amazing speakers. I’m excited to share some of the info & gold that I learned with you. But firs, here’s a sneak peek at what happens over the 2.5 day event…




One of the biggest take-aways from this year’s Social Media Marketing World Conference that I attended in San Diego, California was the significance and opportunity of ‘Facebook Live’.  What is it you ask?  Click below and watch my video which is a replay of my ‘facebook live’. In it, I’m sharing some of the GOLD that I learned at the Conference so you can see what fb live looks like and how it works.



So let’s talk about how YOU can use it to grow your business.

Why facebook live is good for business:


  • Let people see a ‘window’ into the person behind the business
  • Increase the level of ‘trust’ by offering value and being there ‘live’ (rather than a pre-recorded, planned and professional video).
  • FB live is ‘livestream’ which means that people can engage with you in real-time. This is both scary (for some) and also exciting!
  • FB retains the video in the newsfeed (this is where it’s way better than periscope that disappears after 24 hours). Click here for more on Periscope & Blab
  • Your facebook followers (and their friends) are more likely to see fb live as facebook is giving priority to fb live in the newsfeed so it’s showing it to more people than it would a regular photo or text-based post.


What YOU can do on Facebook Live:


  • Q&A
  • How to’s – teach people how to use your product (this is great for physical products or demonstrations i.e. yoga, cooking…)
  • Your ‘why’ behind your business
  • FAQ’s – share 2-3 of the most frequently asked questions that you get
  • Interviews (the person will need to be there in the room with you)


How do you do Facebook Live?


  1. You can only do it on your phone. So hold your phone vertically.
  2. Go into either your fb biz page, personal or a group and click ‘status update’ (go to write a post).
  3. Type your topic ie. Coming at you LIVE, I’m sharing tips on XYZ…
  4. Click the ‘head & shoulders icon with the 2 rings above the head’
  5. Click the button and it will give you a 3-2-1 countdown then you’re on
  6. Start talking straight away *within 2 seconds or else people who watch your replay will not watch if you just sit there saying nothing…
  7. Intro yourself and be yourself. You will see 1, 2 etc ‘viewers’. You won’t have many people there ‘live’ so just focus on giving value, being present and people WILL watch the replay.  Encourage people to ‘comment’ and share their questions or tips on your topic
  8. Record for anywhere from 5-50 minutes (the max is 1.5 hours on fb). Remember that people will come & go so I suggest re-introducing your name & topic every 10 mins approx. Maybe wrapping up w a re-cap of your key points and thank them for watching!
  9. When you’re done, go into your fb page and if it’s your biz page (not a group) it will let you add a ‘call to action’ button and a link – so do that ie. ‘learn more’.



Any questions?  Comment on this blog and let me know!  Now I CHALLENGE you to ‘go live’ on facebook live within 2 days of reading this!  You can use the #gtgfblive to watch others’ and support them with a ‘like’ or comment while you’re there!

Happy to help! xo Nat aka Go to Girl



I’ll be sharing more of the GOLD that I learned with the ladies in my Online ‘Mastermind’ Community and especially the girls in my high level Influencers Coaching program.  If you’re ready for more fun & flow in your business then have a look at both of those options as I would love to help!




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