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Tweaking Your Business (& adding residual income)

Tweaking Your Business (& adding residual income)

In business are you doing what you’ve always done or have you tweaked (or pivoted) along the way?

When I attended the Unfiltered Live event in mid May they talked about how crucial it is to tweak and respond to changes.  I totally agree!

I dive deep into this topic on this fb live video tv interview with fab friends and fellow women in business Natalie Tolhopf and Pauline Stockhausen on their Facebook live tv show.

I also elaborate on my 5 tips and how not once but twice I was standing at the door of abundance and took door #2 including:

* Self-care is crucial #givegiveget

* Boundaries, trust (to help you #jugglethemotherload)

*Staying in the zone of love/ Follow the Fire

*Doing what you WANT (tweak/pivot)

*”Every smart woman should have some form of residual income”.

Karen_JacobsenI’ve tweaked and pivoted my business a few times. Partly because I believe in ‘staying in the zone of love’ and if you don’t love something then maybe it’s time for change. My podcast for example.  I LOVED it for many years but then it just got to the point where it was more work and less fun.  So I eventually called it a day.  All 200+ episodes of my If Only They’d Told Me Podcast and my Go to Girl Podcasts are still available but I’m not recording anymore.  I’m on to new things (like mentoring speakers).

When women tell me they’re going through a ‘slump in business’ I often advise they re-connect with what they WANT to do, be and have and also maybe a subtle tweak to what they’re doing will make a massive difference. You can read my full blog about it here.

So for me over the years I went from coaching people on social media (pinterest & Facebook in the early days) to running events, speaking and mentoring to more recently niching my niche and working primarily with speakers!  There are sooooo many pieces of the puzzle to speaking and this is something that I love helping them with. Everything from what to say & wear to what is their up-sell and how are they going to capture & repurpose a speaking opportunity. If you want help with that have a look at my Amplify mentoring program. and my Speaker Success live event & e-course. 

I connected with Karen Jacobsen aka the voice of Siri through both of us speaking at the Global Speakers Summit in 2018 and one of the things she said to me that I’ll never forget was: “Every smart woman should have some form of residual income”.

So what is residual income anyways?

This can be anything from:

  • An e book or e course
  • An affilate for someone else’s program/product
  • MLM (multi level marketing) business

For me I didn’t always know where I was going with my business but I learned to listen to what I ‘want’ to be doing and the impact that I want to have.  I call it ‘staying in the zone of love’.

Did I know what I was doing the whole time? No

Did I just have to trust and go with it sometimes? Yes

Doterra essential oilsFor me it was discovering DoTerra Essential oils through one of my high level clients (and remember I’d been approached by every MLM in my 5 previous years with Go to Girl but none of them had interested me).

I started using the oils initially because I wanted to help EVERYONE ELSE and then a year in, when my 8 year old boy lost all of his hair to alopecia, I NEEDED those oils to support me emotionally!

Now 2.5 years later I’m a ‘Diamond’ in doTerra thanks to 1800 amazing customers and 10 amazing leaders/builders who are also spreading wellness with me.

So what about you?  When is the last time you re-visited your WHY and tweaked your business or lifestyle accordingly?

In the ‘Olympic Rings’ of my 3 businesses, behind it all I’m on a mission to: “Save a million marriages” and to “help halve the suicide rate in New Zealand” part of my why with Doterra is that the exponential potential to earn is amazing. And that will allow me to have a massive impact on my 2 missions.

ps. If you have a business or connection that can help with those two missions/goals then please contact me *PM on Facebook or text is best: 0211822908

Please comment and share your tips on tweaking, pivoting and leverage in your business.


x Go to Girl


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