The Secret of Value of Emotions with Lysa Black
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The Secret Value of Emotions with Lysa Black

The Secret Value of Emotions with Lysa Black

So I’ve been going on a bit of a journey lately… (you’re thinking we know, we know… you went to the USA to Social Media Marketing World…) No, not that kind of a journey, more of a journey within.  And I’ve been travelling with the amazing Lysa Black from Heart Magic.

You see… I got what I refer to as a ‘verbal kick in the guts’ from a friend a wee while ago, and it really stung me.  Way more than it should have and I just couldn’t let it go.  I knew it was because it ‘triggered’ an emotion in me from an incident in my childhood.  With my superhero-action style personality I tried to ‘figure it out’ but I just couldn’t…. Until I made the bold decision to coach with Lysa.   Her book and her program is all about Heart Healing and in this podcast you’ll get a taste of her gentle, intelligent and animated style.

More on my ‘internal journey’ later… but in the meantime enjoy this interview by listening via the player above or you can check out our glamorous headsets in the video version by clicking below.  Thanks to the suggestion from a previous podcast guest Marian LaSalle on Tools, Tips & Technology, I’m recording using for the first time.  Enjoy!

Honestly lovelies, if you’re realising that some feelings or self perception is holding you back from being the best and most amazing version of yourself then I completely give the two thumbs up and recommend that you contact Lysa!  She has a 3 month 1-1 (via Skype) coaching program (the same one I am doing and I’m only a month in… just you wait!) xo Nat

In this Podcast you will discover:

  • That jealousy ‘aint as bad as it’s made out to be!  In fact, jealousy helps us immensely by showing us what we truly desire in our life.
  • How to break the cycle of feeling unlovable and unwanted?
  • How to manifest love using a powerful shift
  • Our emotions are secret messengers of our souls. Our feelings can connect us truly of who we are.

Everything is a mirror, you have to put boundaries for yourself.

Honor yourself by knowing what you need. In relationship, ask for what you need.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Lysa Black’s Heart Magic website -where you can download 3 steps to nurture your feelings




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