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Letting the Real YOU Shine on Video with Tanya McQueen

Letting the Real YOU Shine on Video with Tanya McQueen

I’m super excited to be chatting today with the hilarious and heart-centred Tanya McQueen.  We are talking about videos, and how to let the real you shine when you’re recording a video for your business.   Click this youtube link to watch this 25 minute podcast.

In this podcast, Tanya shares:

Anyone can video themselves. But Tanya’s signature style in her “SoulPod Movies” encapsulate who you are and the true essence of the ‘why’ behind your business. People can connect with you more online when you’re being the real you.

People appreciate when you are ‘real’ but when it’s a promotional video for your website or course it also has more impact if it’s professional.  They want to understand and want to know more about the things you are promoting instead of the scripted salesy advertisement.

Interview what they do, why they love it and then condense it to 3 minute – really powerful stuff.

The 3 minute-condensed video is your soulpod. You attract more clients that naturally know who you are and you can just extract the golden moments and use that to promote your business.

It’s like going on a journey and show them what they are and watch themselves in the video and it becomes so powerful.


Listen and you’ll get more info on:

  • How videos give you a chance to reflect on yourself
  • How your video can give you strength
  • How you can go back and be reminded of your “why” you started in the first place
  • Finding your purpose and your gift in different medium but still having the same goal
  • How to find what you are passionate

Let go of your self-judgement and you can go through your journey. Naturally, people are afraid of videos.


Tanya’s Video Tips”

  • Everyday, you look at yourself in the mirror and you are seeing  your self all time. It’s not exactly the same. When we see ourselves on camera or screen, we see an opposite of who we are. Your friends and family may say that you look the same, but it’s different for you. It’s different to what our brains are seeing for since we were born.
  • Film yourself over and over again until your brain is used to it and will tell yourself to accept it.
  • When filming yourselves, write the scripts. You know your stuff so you can communicate easily.
  • Relax and have some fun with it.
  • When filming on your phone, position it to landscape rather than portrait.
  • Camera positions to convey messages, hold it in the eye level and not above or below your eyes.
  • Lighting plays a big role in your video

Links mentioned in this episode

Tanya’s website: www.globalspiritfilms.com

Tanya’s business Facebook page: Global Spirit Films Facebook page



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