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Are we spending too much time on our tech and how to break the habit

Are we spending too much time on our tech and how to break the habit

I’m not a fan of the word ‘guilt’ but I do think if there’s something you’re doing that you’re not happy with then it’s time to make a change or tweak your habits.  If your friends/family members comment that you’re on the phone ‘too much’ (or you feel like you might be…) here are some tips to help you to ‘do less (on your phone) and be more (present)’

Here are my tips and 4 minute interview on the AM Show on the question of “Are parents using too much tech and how can we break the habit?’

Set Clear Boundaries

Somewhere along the way we seem to have let checking our phone mid-conversation or while dining at a cafe become ok.  A lot of this is subconscious and while yes sometimes you do ‘have to’ check your phone (i.e. incase the babysitter called) for example, but much of the time it’s become a habit in our 2017 culture of being “ever-available”.  One of the solutions (or a tip that might help) is to set clear boundaries around when you will and won’t check your phone.  This is important both for your family/kids – to help them feel important and that you’re actually present when you’re with them, as well as being important for your co-workers/boss etc.   If like me and so many women entrepreneurs I work with you ‘work from home’ then set some specific office hours – and then commit to them.

Time boundaries

I recently decided (and proudly proclaimed to my kids) that I wouldn’t be checking my mobile phone between 5pm and 8pm at night. This way I make sure that THEY (and not my phone or laptop) are my primary focus.

Physical Boundaries

Having physical boundaries is another way to break the habit of constantly checking your phone.  On our If Only They’d Told Me Facebook page we had a few people comment that they put the phone in another room and close the door to avoid temptation.

No phone at the dinner table or even no phones in the bedroom is another idea.  Keen to hear your thoughts on this so comment below!

Whether you have kids or not it’s about making the people that you’re actually with in the moment feel important as well as prioritising and safeguarding your own ‘off’ time so that you don’t feel like you need to be constantly available.


Update your Phone Settings

  • Schedule your ‘do not disturb’ setting on your phone for a specific time each day/night.
  • Delete your email account from your phone (so that you only tend to emails on your laptop)
  • Delete interruptive or space-sucking apps (I got rid of Periscope off my phone due to the constant noise).


Be Where You Are

This topic is such a great reminder for us to actually be ‘present’ and be where we are *rather than worlds away or on twitter or facebook etc.  It’s not just kids who get offended when you’re on the phone, hubby might feel neglected too and remember YOU need some down time as well.  More tips for being less stressed & more present in my blog.


If you’re getting interviewed on TV or radio yourself be sure to check out my blog with handy tips for you from everything from what to wear to how to get your message across and more. *If you’re keen to be interviewed on tv/radio or speaking opportunities, contact me as I can help with that too! 

*I will be running a ‘Social Media for Speakers’ in-person workshop in Auckland in September so check out the details for that and other workshops/events on my Upcoming Events page.


x Nat, Go to Girl

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