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Go to Girl Amplify – for Speakers who want to Up their Impact

AMPLIFY - for Speakers who want to Up their Impact

AMPLIFY - for Speakers who want to Up their Impact


Up your profile, hone your message and Amplify your Impact

Amplify gives you Mentoring & Connections
to get the gig and make the most of it on stage, screen or in the media.

All while surrounded online by other awesome speakers like you!

One of the things that has not only helped my ‘business’ but has also helped me on my mission and to magnify the impact that I want to have is speaking.

It started off at my own events and soon I was speaking on other people’s stages, being interviewed on tv, radio and in magazines.  But it didn’t happen by accident and without help.

I would love to do the same for you!  To help you dig into your ‘story’ and experience and to use that to share the GOLD that you’ve got!  The knowledge you’ve gained (through successes and failures) and the inspiration that you’ve got poised to share with others on a bigger level than you’re doing at the moment.

Whether you want to speak to audiences of thousands, on tv/radio or to a room full of 5 people or anything in between, there’s a degree of confidence, skill and self belief that is crucial for you to have the impact that you want!

I’d be honoured to help you with that.

It’s not about ‘being famous’ it’s about raising your profile and shining the light on issues that you care about.  It’s #FollowTheFire as I like to say.  And giving you mentoring and skills to help you gain opportunities to speak on stage/screen/video/online etc and to rock it!

Together we’ll make sure you’re covered for things like:

  • What is your signature story & how to tell it with impact
  • What to wear
  • Your ‘call to action’
  • Being website ready for media
  • Do’s & don’t for speaking on stage
  • Stagecraft & body language
  • TV/zoom/fb live skills & tips

Three times a year I mentor an exclusive group of speakers who are ready to Amplify their impact.

This is an application only online group (limited to five) with a wrap around focus on helping YOU to get the gig and make the most of it! To hone and your message and grow your business/impact through speaking ( on stages, screen and/or media).

We will work through my 6 step system to Amplify your Impact.

Together we’ll ensure that you are well set up to get the gig and make the most of it.
Here’s what we will focus on in an online group setting (The VIP Package offers the same includes tech/funnel support).

I: Intention

* Review & re-connecting with your Goal and focus for Speaking
* Review & give feedback on your 1-2 products/services/offerings align with speaking.

M: Message

Hone your message & personal brand.

P: Presence – Online & in person

* Review your bio and re-craft as needed.
* Provide feedback on your branding (website & facebook/instagram) to ensure you have consistent messaging that is align with your goals.

* Provide feedback on your presentation style (online or on stage) via review of fb live/video.

A: Action

review your speaker pricing and create your speaker media kit and one sheet).

* Hone your keynote topic and 2 x signature stories.

* Provide feedback on one power point/keynote talk.

C: Connecting
* Connect you with relevant people for clients, collaborations or affiliates

* Look at how you are connecting w people and your audience based on your personality type and strengths.

T: Transformation

* Review your impact and income based on your goals/focus.
* Provide suggestions and connections for you to have more impact and income.
* Review your goals/focus and plan some action steps for where to from here.

Want in?

The next round of Go to Girl Amplify starts June 2019.

Click through to apply if you’re ready to Amplify your Impact.


*Only 5 Amplify spots available.*



x Natalie, Go to Girl

CEO & Founder of Go to Girl Ltd
Speaker, Author, Mentor & Impact Entrepreneur

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is the Go to Girl for Speakers wanting connections, collaborations & opportunities to be seen & heard on a bigger level so they can have a greater impact on the world!

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is self-confessed extroverted extrovert keynote speaker.

Whether you want to speak on stages or on screen Amplify will help you to up your impact.

“Inspiring others and sharing stories of resilience while speaking on stage to 4500 people in Sydney was a highlight for me in 2018”. – Natalie Cutler-Welsh

“I have participated in two rounds of AMPLIFY with Natalie, and they have been invaluable. True to her name of “Go to Girl,” Natalie connected me with people and opportunities that have led to various media appearances and these have enabled me to get my message of empowering women to ROCK their midlife to a far wider audience. Natalie is genuinely invested in her clients and I highly recommend AMPLIFY to anyone wanting their voice to be heard. “

Cat Coluccio from Rocking Midlife has done 2 rounds of Amplify and was featured on AM show, Breakfast TV and NEXT magazine.

Cat Coluccio, Rocking Midlife coach and Keynote Speaker



“Nat has a remarkable talent for connecting people, I’ve been aspiring to take my speaking career to the next level for a while, but like all busy professionals juggling businesses and family, I’ve been time poor, my focus elsewhere so I’ve found it challenging to make ‘my’ dream a priority.

Nat has helped me understand how important it is to share your knowledge authentically, coached me to dive deeper into my ‘ideal’ audience and created a stellar team of talented individuals within the group to bounce ideas off and ask for honest feedback.

Making a commitment for 3 months to the amplify programme was one of my best decisions in 2017, I have a new found focus and desire to SPEAK, I know for certain what I want to achieve and it is so much easier with Nat as my wing-woman”

Carissa Fairbrother, Authorised Financial Adviser and Keynote Speaker


“Natalie’s passion and drive to connect speakers with influential gigs and people was incredible.

She has so many connections that respect her and is passionate about connecting you with the right people for your business.

She gave me so many great tips for my business and I’ve seen some major shifts in such a short time working with her”.

Michelle Yandle, Intuitive eating mentor and Keynote Speaker


Here’s what you’ll gain over the 12 weeks in Amplify:

2 x 40 min 1-1 mentoring zoom calls with Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh get feedback, ideas & coaching (value $400+gst).

At least 1 offer of a speaking/interview gig (on stage, screen or media) during the 3 months of Amplify and the mentoring to make the most of it!

A monthly group zoom mentoring session on the theme of the month.

2-3 valuable connections over the 3 months (personal introductions to potential clients or collaborators)

A private Facebook group aka 'the Speakers Lounge' to get feedback, connections, support & to ask questions

Info, tools and tips designed to develop speaking opportunities and raise your profile.

At least one in-person opportunity to meet up as a group for Amplify mentoring or social.

What you need to do:

Fill out the Application form (I'm limiting the group to 5 people max) and I'll be in touch.

Wait for the magic to happen! (I'll be keeping an eye out for the perfect done-for-you connections, collaborations & invitations.

3 Amplify VIP spots are also available that include additional 1-1 mentoring and/or PR during the 3 months