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Rejuvenating your Relationship with Henare & Kate

Rejuvenating your Relationship with Henare & Kate

Keeping the ‘love alive’ in your relationship when you’re running a business can be tricky.  In this podcast I’m talking to Henare and Kate, all the way from their new house in Fiji. Click the player above to listen or video below to watch this podcast. **Warning this episode is full of passion & contains some swear words and sexual references.

Henare and Kate are both Kiwis. They have a business focusing on personal development and spirituality. Around their business is what they usually share from their own life, their own grapples, learning from each other and really about humanity. They  focus on people who want to stood up for their lives. They want to remind people that in the gaps between personal development and coaching is the experience of life.


Some of the take aways you’ll discover in this podcast include:


1) Remember who they are at the core.

2) Bring the Love

3) Marry the right person

4) Have a high context for marriage and for the relationship

5) Have a marriage Mission Statement

6) Live in the ‘we’ world not the ‘me’ world


If we get justified in our resentment, it would create more mess inside our world. “We world” we are part of each other’s world.

“As well as sharing weddings vows, children and a business… we also share a MASSIVE commitment to helping people ‘open themselves up’ and become free from their own limitations so that they can live the juicy and enriching life that’s waiting for them. We know through our own personal journey’s that the more we grow inside… the juicier and more delicious life gets! And.. it wasn’t always like that for us. Far from it! We’ve both overcome massive obtacles to have the life that we have now. Every step of the way, we’ve worked for it, and we’ve learned it. We know what its like to dig deep. To self-reflect. To heal what hurts. To take action when its difficult”.  Henare & Kate


How can you keep the love alive while running the business?


1) Get time for yourself.

2) Get quality time together not related to business

3) Get very clear about your roles in your business

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Links mentioned in this episode:


Game Changer Live –

This is a 2 day intensive in person event with Henare & Kate in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Christchurch

Website –


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