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Reducing Online Overwhelm – with Nicole Lombardo

Reducing Online Overwhelm – with Nicole Lombardo

Are you in a Mastermind group?  I am loving all the uber cool people I’ve been meeting (virtually and in person) through the Mastermind group that I’m in with Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur.   I’ve recorded three podcasts now with fellow ‘high flyers’ and Nicole Lombardo is one of them!

Originally from the US of A, Nicole and her hubby moved to New Zealand in early 2014 so we had the pleasure of catching up in person.  Click the player above to listen to our 30 min audio Podcast interview where Nicole from the Marketing Co-op shares her tips on how to reduce ‘online overwhelm’.  And read on for the show notes from our interview:

Nicole and her friend Lindsey set up the Marketing Co-op, like me they totally ‘get’ that small business owners often feel overwhelmed. They encourage them to ‘step it back a bit’ and take action on only 3- 5 things.

They call this a take-action programme that streamlines what you’re doing. A marketing plan that actually works. You don’t want to waste your time and money


Tips for Reducing Online Overwhelm

1)  Know which Social Media is best for your business. Be on 2-3 Social Media platforms and do them well!

2)  Getting info out to the masses through blogs sends people to your website and gives them an opportunity to look through your resources, products & tools.

3)  Consistency is key. Whether it be emailing your audience, blogging or Social Media.

4)  Have an editorial calendar, use google docs to plan & communicate with your team.

5)  Create a lead-magnet that encourages your niche to opt-in to your email list.



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