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Recommended Speakers & Guest experts

On my journey I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing and inspirational and amazing speakers and guest experts.

Here are some of them – all of whom I would highly recommend for your event, podcast, interview etc.

Helping people with whole body wellness.

Speaking topics:

  • Stress – the impact on the body & how to reduce it
  • Healthcare vs Sick care –  Proactive optimising our health and wellbeing
  • You are your Support Crew – how to look after #1 so we can look after others

Helping women to rock their midlife

Speaking topics:

  • How to Rock your Midlife
  • What women want –
  • Midlife Motivation – how to design a life you love

Carissa Fairbrother from Rival Wealth


Helping you gain financial wellness

Speaking topics:

  • Entitled Children
  • Financial Wellness
  • How & why to get your financial house in order

Helping you life with passion & purpose

Speaking topics:

  • Keeping the love alive in the midlife years
  • Turning your dream board into reality
  • Wellness through mindset and essential oils

Helping people of all ages and abilities to have a fit body & mind with Rock it Board.

Product: The rock-it is a beautifully handcrafted wooden balance board, used in multiple contexts across all ages for exercise and play. Rock-it boards get us MOVING…keep us FIT… so good for BODY and BRAIN!


Speaker topics:

Fitness & focus in the workplace

More movement = less stress

Childhood development

Gemma Catriona from Evolve Health


Gemma Catriona- from Evolve Health

Gem (Physiotherapist Acupuncturist) is a consult therapist and co-owner of Evolve Integrated Health Specialists. In 1997 at age 22 as a single mum Gem left NZ and immigrated to Canada with her then 5 year old daughter. After a successful competitive equestrian career Gem found herself in Canada with no horses to ride, and fell into the health and fitness industry which launched her career. She was a successful elite athlete (Sports Aerobics) including 2x Canadian National Champion and Canada delegate at the World Championships 2001.

She has over 20 years’ experience in the exercise rehab/health and fitness industry working with Olympic medalists, World champions, weekend warriors and special needs populations in Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Gem is proudly on the McKenzie Institute NZ committee with a purpose to improve education around managing lower back pain. She is also currently studying her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

Cat Coluccio from Rocking Midlife


Cat Coluccio – Rocking Midlife 

Cat is an ex musician and mother of two home schooled professional athletes. Now a days she is a speaker, author and midlife mentor to women in New Zealand and around the world.

Hi there, I’m Cat Coluccio and I believe that mid-life is not the “beginning of the end” but the start of an amazing new season!

If you are about to turn the dreaded 4-0 or are well into your latter years, I’d love to connect with you and encourage you on your journey! I am a qualified educator, personal trainer and life coach and believe that you CAN create a life that is purposeful and fulfilling at midlife and beyond!

Here’s to ROCKING midlife!
Cat xx

Carissa Fairbrother - Financial Wellness

Carissa Fairbrother  – Rival Wealth

Carissa’s energy and presenting style is like a breath of fresh air! She makes the (boring) financial stuff fun and completely relevant.

As a speaker or facilitator, Carissa will light up the room in a totally approachable no-such-thing-as-a-silly-question way.

Sharleen Greer - Midlife Courage


Sharleen Greer – Midlife Courage

Mother of 4 and midlife coach, Sharleen Greer is known for her colourful personality and huge heart.

With a background in Women’s health and wellness and Life Coaching, Sharleen speaks from the heart on topics related to midlife women.

Annie Evans from Rock-it Boards

rock it board

Annie Evans- from Rock it Boards NZ

Annie Evans – co owns Rock-it Board with her husband Dave.
As an educator for 35 years with a special interest in children with learning disabilities e.g. dyslexia adhd dyspraxia etc. Annie is an advocate for the importance of movement for all ages!
  • For children to get them active and engaged in mental and physical play…
  • For adults to keep active and strong with a wellbeing emphasis rather than just the body beautiful! To have a healthy body and mind functioning to potential for as long as we walk the earth!
Customer & Speaking Niche: Adult Fitness | Children’s Play | Early Childhood & Schools | Workplace | Therapy & Rehabilitation…

You can contact Annie about speaking engagements or purchase a rock-it board Find out more here.  *Use promo code G2G to get $20 off your order.

Believe, Create, Master

Speaking topics:

  • Living life Intuitively
  • 3 tips for freedom living
“A very special women combing wisdom, spirituality, empathy and business acumen,while at the same time grounded in reality.”

How she helps people: Ancestral Lineage clearing, psychic mediumship, crowd healing/psychic surgery, sharing my life story to inspire other’s to shine and believe in themselves, natural space holder.

Bascha Meier – Intuitive Empowerment Expert

Bascha Meier is a Intuitive Empowerment Expert, supporting breakthroughs to align to soul purpose and create the life style design and abundance of your dreams.

Bascha has spent 25 years traveling internationally facilitating Family Constellation Work, training and working alongside renowned Indigenous Elders, Leaders in Consciousness and Sharmanic Practitioners. She places great value also on rich life experiences and intuitive wisdom. As an Energy Medicine Woman, she is often called to the land, to the people, where alchemic shifts and healing are needed.


Find out more about working with Bascha here.


Dina Ceniza

Breathe expert

Breathe your way to a better life.


Speaker topics:

  • Stress – how better breathing can lessen the effects of stress.
  • Sleep – how breathing techniques can lead to better sleep.

Dina Ceniza – the Breathe Clinic

If you’re having challenges around sleep, snoring, feelings of anxiousness etc or perhaps you’re wanting to improve your performance in sport or speaking, I’m so excited to connect you with Dina Ceniza.

Come for a Breathe for Sleep and Calm Breakthrough Session.

You will be able to discuss your condition in depth and get to be part of planning your programme and the management of your condition. It includes breathing and health assessment and tips and guidelines to start you to breathe better.

xo Go to Girl