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The power of Networking ‘Connections’

The power of Networking ‘Connections’

I actually prefer the word ‘connections’ to ‘Networking’. Because really, that’s what it’s all about… Making invaluable connections with people!  And I truly thing that those connections can happen anytime and any place – not just at an ‘event’.  Like standing in line at a grocery store or waiting at school pick up. I’m not talking about handing someone your business card, but I am talking about having genuine conversations that come from a place of “I wonder how I can help this person”.

If you do like events (or you know they’re good for you/business) then we would love to see you at the Auckland, Christchurch (and possibly Hamilton Networking Nights).  What are they all about??

Picture this… you walk into the room and it’s alive with the excited and friendly buzz of women getting inspired, connecting and having fun. You’re greeted with yummy nibbles & a drink and you recognise a few people and finally ‘meet’ in person a few others who you only ‘know’ online.
Before you know it you’ve made some amazing connections and you’re gathering for a group photo with this room full of amazing women! By the time the speakers start all of your hesitation about coming and (what to wear) have been replaced by a feeling of belonging and support. You make a few notes on your phone of helpful tips you’ve gleaned from the speakers and by the time it’s done you’re feeling focussed & inspired.

Want to join us?

We’ve got 2 Exciting Networking Nights coming up in Auckland on 28th July and Christchurch on 4th August.

We would LOVE to see you there on the night.

Whether you’re attending a live event or just meeting some people for coffee, here are some networking tips to help you…

Networking Tip:

Entering a conversation:

If you’re going to break into a conversation, approach a group of 3 rather than 2 people. It feels less like you’re ‘interrupting’ and one of the 3 is able to turn to you and welcome you in to the conversation while the others can finish what they were saying.


What at to wear:

Plan your outfit ahead of time. I’m no fashion guru (in fact it took me till I was 40 to get my colours done and with the help of stylist Johanna-May I realised that pink, green and yellow were good for me and brown, grey and black not so much… Then with the help of Anna Chandler I understood the concept of your ‘essence’ and added more ‘metal’ (jewellery, sequins etc) into my look.  Here I am with some girls (including my sister) at the Tauranga Networking night. *We’re all wearing one of my fave NZ brands Augustine!

Anyways… what you wear to a networking event needs to be:

  • In keeping with the occasion
  • On brand
  • Something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Follow Up Afterwards:

I know how easy it is to leave an event and add a few new business cards to your growing pile… But it’s super important to follow up -especially with those people who you truly felt you could help.  I’m not talking about just following up with potential clients or customers, I’m talking about people who perhaps could benefit from an idea or an introduction that you can make!  Pop a note/reminder in your calendar for 2-3 days after the event/meet-up and send them an email.  **Do Not** add them to your ‘subscribers’ list as they haven’t officially opted-in so not only is it rude but it’s not legal.


Want more Networking tips to really help take your business to the Next Level?


I’ve created a hot-off-the press video and worksheet to help you do just that for earlybird price of $19.  Grab it here.

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