A Podcast in a car with the Suitcase Entrepreneur
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A Podcast in the car with the Suitcase Entrepreneur

A Podcast in the car with the Suitcase Entrepreneur

You know how exciting it is when you meet someone who’s super cool, inspiring and a fountain of knowledge?  Well I was thrilled to not only meet and get to chat with Natalie Sisson aka ‘the Suitcase Entrepreneur’ over brunch, but also to do a podcast interview with her!  And what better place to interview the woman who’s all about creating ‘freedom in business and adventure in life’ than in a car?  Click this link to have a listen:  http://bit.ly/1fd4sWm Go to Girl Podcast, episode #15.

We originally met at a Venus Network event where Natalie Sisson was the headline speaker, talking to a crowd of kiwi women in business.  She was back in her ‘homeland’ of New Zealand amidst speaking gigs and adventurous globe-trotting.  She wowed the crowd with her pearls of wisdom and it was very reaffirming to me that much of what I’ve been saying to my clients in coaching sessions and workshop was align with Natalie’s tips.

So of course I bought her book and am devouring all the info. She’s also got a great podcast herself and has been interviewed by other Social Media legends like Amy Porterfield.


Some Social Media tips from Natalie Sisson

  • Know your ‘Why’.  i.e. Why you do what you do!
  • Be authentic. You don’t need to be a ‘we’ if you’re really one person say ‘I’.
  • Focus on a few Social Media platforms and do them well.
  • Know who your ‘red carpet client’ is.  This is your ideal client.  Get more of them and say goodbye to others.
  • Have ONE clear action for people to take when they land on your website.


Thanks Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur for your tips on creating freedom in business and adventure in life!

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