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Pilates in the sky & why


Pilates in the sky & why

Picture this… the sun is just starting to peek through the clouds and there you are with wind in your hair, surrounded by people you respect who are travelling a similar but different journey to you.  On one hand you’re thinking ‘wow this is amazing’ and on the other you’re thinking ‘what am I doing?’.  That is literally what happened and it’s also an accurate metaphor for business.  


Business and specifically success and happiness in business is a fine balance of adventure, self-care, accountability, relationships and of course doing what you love.  Last week this became clear to me on a whole new level as I was literally balancing high in the sky atop the Sky Tower. pilates_xero_go_to_girl

Why was I up there?  As a happy customer of Xero and  MatWorks Pilates  it was an honour to be invited to share their message of “taking business to new heights” in the wee hours of the morning!  

Isn’t it amazing what relationships in business and in self-care can lead to?  

Natalie Cutler-Welsh from Go to Girl Ltd and Phoebe from MatWorks Pilates.


Here I am with Matworks Pilates owner Phoebe Heyhoe.  She’s such a sweetheart with an amazing talent for helping you to feel relaxed while getting an awesome workout (my usual location is her Kohimarama beach studio – not the Sky Tower!). But she’s definitely known for taking her business to her customers, which I love!


As entrepreneurs, we love the flexibility of being our own boss, but we also have to juggle the challenge of trusting others, leaning in, extending ourselves sometimes out of our comfort zones, putting boundaries in place and keeping track of everything so we can earn a profit and stay in business!  




One of my favourite mantras and pieces of business advice is ‘ditch and delegate’ as I urge women in business to focus on what they’re good at and love doing and things that they WANT to do and to ditch or delegate other tasks to other people.


xero_matworks_pilatesSo for me, getting Xero  to help me create invoices and track my money (rather than creating random pdf invoices from word documents) was a step towards being much more professional and having a much clearer picture about the money situation in my business.


Similarly, with years of back pain, and as a busy mother-of-three, I joined Matworks Pilates to help me look after #1.  It’s amazing what happens when you take that step to prioritise yourself and your own needs.

Business is about times of ‘hustle and flow’ but you definitely need some systems in place to allow times of balance.


So now in my 6th year of business here are some of my success and self-care tips for you:


  • Do what you love and what you want (if you don’t love it, tweak or pivot so that you do)
  • Stay in your area of genius (ditch or delegate tasks that are not your ‘happy place’)
  • Aim high and have a plan. I’m a huge believer in setting big goals but you need to have ‘action steps’ to make them happen.
  • Know your numbers (accounting and social media stats)
  • Collaborate with others for that ‘together we rise to the top’ effect.
  • Celebrate your wins and learn from your mistakes. This is cliche but crucial.
  • Get some systems in place to make your biz life easier.
  • Self-care by looking after YOU!
  • And of course, surround yourself with amazing people (those who will support and challenge you).


As the Go to Girl, I’m obsessed with shining the light on other people and businesses doing amazing things. I’m excited to shine the light on Xero and Matworks Pilates for reminding us about the importance of being nimble both in body and business.


So lovelies… I’d love to know ONE thing you’re going to do differently in your life or business as a result of reading this blog!  Comment below and tell us all about it.


X Go to Girl

PS. If you missed my blog & video about: ‘Why doing what you WANT is the key to happiness’ check it out here. 


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