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Periscope and Blab Overview:

Periscope and Blab Overview:

If you listened to my last podcast, you’ll know that I am on a countdown to my last podcast and moving on to a different path. I am transitioning to a Periscope and Blab. I’ve loved  doing this weekly podcast for the last 3 years, but man o man it’s a lot of work!  And I want to live by my philosophy that if something is feeling like ‘work’ then it’s possibly a great time to tweak what you’re doing. So I’m making 100 my milestone. Hopefully you enjoyed my podcast and have gotten great value in them. My podcasts will still be available for you to access & learn from of course, but if you want on-the-spot and real-time goodness from me then follow me on blab and periscope *or better yet, join my Online ‘Membership’ Community!


Periscope – a free app that you can download in your phone. It allows you to become a news reporter in a click of a button and broadcast live around the world.


How could you use it in your business?

  • live demonstration, i.e. how to stuff
  • top tips
  • behind the scene
  • do a podcast on it

Periscope gives you an opportunity to give a window into who you are, your style and your personality. It’s not a podcast. It’s not like a webinar. It’s not video. It’s “live-stream video”.



  • Engage other people’s periscope and connect or follow them
  • In my experience, my scope is 7 – 10 minutes long. It’s really easy to get interrupted or distracted with your viewers popping in and out of your scope and asking questions.
  • Write down your tips/summary or key points before your scope

If you are in Auckland, I am running a hands-on workshop on Periscope which will be on November.

Blab – is kind of like a group Skype. Blab shows four faces at the same time. You can watch from your phone, or you can join a blab in one of the four seats.



  • I recommend if you want to host a blab, don’t do it in your phone
  • You can do it everyday or have a regular schedule
  • You might interview from Blab
  • If you’re doing top tips you can do two or three. Do do 10 because it will be too long.


I was invited to a Blab with Doug Foresta on Making a Difference in the World.


My challenge to you is decide which of those two platforms appeals to you most? Start watching and start taking notes on possible subject you can use on your scope.

If you are enjoying my podcast, please go to iTunes and leave a review here.

If you are interested in joining a large group of focussed & fabulous women in business for coaching, accountability & support. You’ll love my Online Community aka ‘Membership’ group. xo Nat aka ‘Go to Girl’



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