networking tips
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Networking Tips to take your Business to the Next Level!

Thanks for grabbing the Go to Girl Guide: ‘Networking Tips to take your Business to the Next Level’.

Watch the video along with these worksheet questions to help you make the most of it and take action!

Download the Worksheet below and work through it with me in the video.


  1. What does ‘Next Level’ mean to you?


Does it mean earning a higher income – if so how much per month?

Does it mean outsourcing more so you can ‘stay in your genius’ or hiring an amazing team?

Does it mean collaborating with others or having a residual income stream so you can have more freedom?

Get clear on this by brainstorming some ideas and identifying what is important to you.

2.  Where are your ‘next level’ people?  *Online and Offline


Now that you’ve got an idea of what ‘next level’ means to you, where are your ‘next level’ people hanging out?  Which social media platforms online?  And where are they in-person?


  1.  Answer this question:  How do you help people?

Ie. I help (insert ideal client) who are seeking more (insert desired result/outcome)






  1.  List 5 words to describe you/your brand:








  1.  Who do you want to be connected with?

With your ‘next level’ in mind, who do you need to meet or be connected with?  You can write specific names or simply people who…




  1.  Write your ‘shoulder tap’ list of 5-10 people who you can personally invite to do your program/workshop…


*Then the next step is to #upyourbrave and reach out and contact them.  Via private message or personal email. Hi X, I’m just about to launch this new (insert name i.e. program, product….) and you immediately came to mind. Let me know if you’re intrigued and I’ll tell you more about it. 







  1.  Write 2 ideas for your high-level or 1-many offering:  

(i.e. Mastermind, Membership, subscription, $10K package…)


Benefits to Clients:



Let me know how you go with the video & worksheet and as a thanks for buying it!   click here to book a complimentary 30 min skype with me *so I can help you take action on your ‘next level’ ideas or do some done-for-you networking!


Xo Natalie

aka Go to Girl