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Ninja Tricks for Facebook Advertising

Ninja Tricks for Facebook Advertising

As you may know, Go to Girl is all about ‘shining the light’ on other’s businesses *even if they may outwardly seem like ‘competition’.  But like many, I’m a believer in Co-Opetition so I was super excited to Skype my overseas friend Mari Connor into my studio and record a podcast interview AND Google Hangout all about ‘Ninja tricks for Facebook advertising’.

Click the player above to listen to our 30 min interview and check out the video to see her presentation all about it.


If you’re new to Go to Girl then please check out my ‘Backstory’ 

To find out more about my ‘services’  and how I can help you click here.

To get rocking’ Facebook ads contact Mari at Marigold Marketing Group.

Marigold Marketing on Facebook


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