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Living for Awesome with Cam Calkoen

Living for Awesome with Cam Calkoen

To use a real kiwi term, I was ‘stoked’ to interview inspirational speaker and all-round awesome guy, Cam Calkoen on the Go to Girl Podcast.  I met Cam at a ‘Business After 5’ Networking event with the Chamber of Commerce.  I literally bee-lined up to him after he wowed the crowd at this Auckland event, and I wasn’t surprised to learn that he has travelled around the world and gives 90+ talks each year to inspire people in the Corporate World, Community Groups and everyone in between!

Click the player above to listen to this 35 min interview with Cam where he shares his tips on speaking and his philosophy and catch-phrase of ‘living for Awesome’.

I actually quoted Cam and attributed this awesome ‘Networking tip’ in my 7 Secrets to Awesome Networking online course.  Cam’s tip was “when handing someone your business card, give them two (one for them to keep and one for them to hand on to someone else!”)  Brilliant!


Here’s a quote from Cam’s website:

Cam Calkoen was born with Cerebral Palsy and turned a ‘can’t do’ attitude into a dynamic ‘can do anything’ personality becoming an:

Athletic Gold Medalist
Charitable Fundraiser
Social Entrepreneur
Inspirational Speaker


Where around the world have you spoken?

New Zealand (of course),  London, New York, Vanuatu.  America has inspired me as it’s such a competitive environment. I’ve been going to America to speak for the past 3 years.   It’s about being prepared to step into an environment that scares us.  [Tweet “You need to step into the unknown to realise who you can really become. – Cam Calkoen on Go to Girl Podcast”]



What are some tips for People who want to Speak & Inspire others?

Stay true to your style of presenting & speaking.

Dream Big, Imagine if everyone did what they loved and if they aimed to exceed expectations?

Ask yourself “do you see an opportunity as a choice or a sacrifice?”.

I encourage people to live with an inspired attitude and embrace the moment.



Do you do Mentoring or Coaching?

I have mentored (and been mentored by) many people along the way.  I don’t officially ‘coach’ people as I prefer to focus on being a Speaker.  When someone hears that you appreciate & admire them, they want to give something back.  The biggest concern in my life is ‘what if I don’t give it a go?’  Mentors help me to live up to who I want to be and what I want to deliver.



What is one of your ‘Gutsy Goals’ & what’s coming up for you in 2015?

I’m travelling to the USA and want to increase my profile over there as a speaker.  I’m just going to see how it goes.  Each year I speak at 50 Corporate talks, 30 school talks and 10 community talks.  All it takes is the right person to hear you at the right time…  I share my personal story and I love that it inspires people all over the world.  Speaking LIVE has so much effect compared to video.



How can people contact you? has testimonials, videos & a blog.


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