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Why LIVE events are Gold for your business

Why LIVE events are Gold for your business

Just like anything we do in or on our business (and life actually), I always like to ask the question ‘what is your goal?’.  In these times of busy-ness and distraction it’s so easy to get caught up in doing things (that are on our to-do list, or that someone else suggested we do or that we feel we ‘should’ do.  We can easily lose sight of the “why” and whether or not what we’re doing is what we WANT and actually serve us, our clients or our goals/intentions.

As much as I love working online (I work from my home office and love it!) I also love getting away from the computer and connecting with people in ‘real-life’.  Whether you’re running your own live events or attending someone else’s, here are some things to consider before you go:

  • Will this head me towards my goal?

So let’s say you’re struggling with your money beliefs, charging what you’re worth etc, then attending a live event or workshop designed to help empower you around money would be great!  If you’re feeling isolated because you work from home and you crave friendship/support/discussion with other people who ‘get’ what it’s like, then attending a live event with other people who also work-from-home is a great idea.  You get the gist right?!   If you do want to connect with other women in business, definitely come along to my Go to Girl Networking Night.

Here’s a sneak peek at what my GTG Networking night is like…

Here are a few more tips for attending live events to make sure you make the most of Live Events:

  • Dress for the occasion in something you feel comfortable and confident wearing.
  • Double check the time and venue so you don’t arrive late or flustered.
  • Take your business cards with you – they’re still relevant! (or collect other people’s cards but make sure you follow them up). Alternately you can connect w them on fb or linked In on the spot!

Here’s a quick video with a few more tips for attending events:

So a lot of it comes down to knowing your goal or in other words knowing what you WANT or what you’re missing.  Sometimes we’re just so caught up in everything that we lose sight of what we want so you almost need to take a step back and look at what ‘lifestyle’ you want to have and most importantly how you want to feel.   Take a moment now and think of 3 words that describe how you want to FEEL.   Here are a few to get you going…

  • empowered
  • respected
  • abundant (then go in to detail on what that looks like for you)
  • inspired
  • peaceful

Another technique I love for re-connecting with what you want is the ‘Jealousy technique’.  My friend Lysa Black taught me the value of Jealousy (and anger actually).  Jealously highlights what we want or as I like to say “it’s like a beam of light shining down on what we truly desire.”   I remember when my friend Laurel McLay went on the Paul Henry tv show for the first time and I felt a pang of Jealousy!  I knew in that moment that sharing my own insight and tips on tv was something that I wanted too!  Once you know what you want you can go about getting it. (*Side note, I’ve now been on the Paul Henry show twice and on the follow up show the AM show three times)!  You can watch one of my tv interviews here.  BTW here’s my blog about tips for going on TV and radio interviews.

Once you know your goal, attending live events that are ‘on path’ with that can be amazing!  In saying that I also find that there’s always a nice surprise or outcome or connection that comes from attending an event that you didn’t anticipate.  Sometimes it’s that question that someone asks you while you’re standing there with a glass in your hand,  or something someone says from the stage or in passing and suddenly you have one of those ah-ha moments of clarity.

I had one of those after speaking about ‘Social Media for Speakers’ at the National Speakers conference when I realised that my absolute ideal client for 1-1 and small group work was in fact “Speakers and Authors”.  I then went on to plan a workshop (small live event) on that topic and to create a small group called Go to Girl AMPLIFY of Speakers who I’m now helping to get opportunities and invitations to speak on stage and online! contact me if you’re a speaker or aspiring speaker and want to be kept in the loop for the next round.

There’s something quite magical about re-visiting your ‘niche’.  And it can also help you determine which live events to attend.  If you know your ideal client is builders for example then attend events where they are *it’s the same advice I give my clients about social media… 1) who is your ideal client 2) where are they hanging out online (or in person) 3) That’s where you should be.

Make sense?  So yep, live events can be absolute GOLD for your business in terms of ideas, inspiration, connections and ah-ha moments – but remember to be prepared, know your goal and be open to what other unforeseen benefits can arise from attending.  Helpful?

Tell me all about it or share your tip for live events in a comment below!

You can discover more Networking tips here.

x Nat, Go to Girl



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