How Understanding Personality Types Can Help You In Your Business
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How Understanding Personality Types Can Help You In Your Business

How Understanding Personality Types Can Help You In Your Business

Are you an Otter, Beaver, Lion or Retriever?  Today we’re talking ‘Personality Types’ and how understanding them can help you in your business.  Click the player above to listen to our 30 min audio interview and read on for the key points in the show notes below!

Understanding Personality types can help us better deal with customers and clients as well as allowing ourselves to focus on what we’re good at.

I’ve interviewed Sue twice before on personality types and introverts & extroverts on my Parenting Podcast If only They Told Me. 

Sue started in corporate sales, customer services and business management. She thrived in corporate environment, but when they had children, everything changed and needed to do something. She is amazing in teaching communication skills. She run workshops for businesses, career advisers, parents, teens and teachers. She is the author of Personality Puzzles, which is used by many coaches.  She stresses, “One of the things you need to be a good communicator is to have a certain self- awareness of who you are and what is important to you and how you come across to others.” Sue Blair on the Go to Girl Podcast”


In this podcast you’ll discover Tips on:

  1. Knowing your strengths and weakness;
  2. Thinking and unthinking of the personalities around you;
  3. Having a framework which confirms and affirms what you know about yourself;
  4. Taking a myriad of questionnaires in the internet and  finding a theory and speak and learn from the expert in that field. Be mindful of those blindspots.
  5. Identifying personalities and finding various people.


Personality Types

There are wide ranges and ways that you can decide which personality types. It is a combination of qualities and characteristics that give you the individual character that you have. I particularly look at the range of preferences- things that you prefer to do, options that let you choose on a wide range, give you an idea of who you are:

  • how you relate with other people
  • temperament
  • what is your key motivator
  • what is your key stressor
  • interaction styles and communication styles (how we appear to others)
  • cognitive processes

People with different types can drive each other crazy or can drive each other extra ordinarily creative just in their own different ways. Understanding these personalities can make you use that to your advantage.

Understanding your clients. You’ve got to answer what your clients are asking, not to questions that you think they are asking. If you can’t be in their shoes, at least be able to walk in the footsteps that they want to take.

You should be mindful rather than unthinking, two things will result from being unthinking:

  1. Kind of feel beaten up with people around you, not understanding the motivations of the people around you, and
  2. You will miss a lot of gems from fantastic people who have different types of communicating.

Rather than being upset, understand, adapt, and tolerate people around you. You take that personality wherever you go. You can adapt when you meet somebody who is not similar with you. Build better rapport.



Sue is running a workshop at the Parenting Place in June.

She also works with small team or large teams as well as helps families and businesses via one on one coaching.

Secret to success: Once you get your business and you love it. There’s gonna be good days and bad days. When you had a good day, ask yourself, “Why is this day so good?” and repeat it if you possibly can. And if you have a bad day, ask why this happened. Assign values because that will give you motivation to keep you going. Remember the people you love. Fit your work around them. Because at the end of the day, they are the ones who matter more.


Sue’s Personality Dynamics Website

Personality Dynamics Facebook page

Personality puzzles



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