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How to Thrive in Online Communities

How to Thrive in Online Communities

There is so much you can do and gain from online communities.  So I brought in the lovely Sandy Sidhu from Sandy Sidhu Media for some Q&A on a Podcast and a guest blog!  Sandy is a Digital Strategist, ‘idea ignitor’ and a fellow Canadian and Podcaster! *Click the player above to listen to our audio interview of the Go to Girl Podcast episode #40.

*I will be diving deep into ‘Online Communities’ in my upcoming free Go to Girl webinar: 7 Secrets to Awesome Online & Offline Networking.  CLICK HERE to claim your spot!

I still remember when I first started out as a solopreneur, all ready to take on the world. I settled into my office chair, fired up my laptop, started reaching out to and following up with clients but something was missing.



Feedback! Ideas! And the occasional laugh!

You know …some of that stuff that happens throughout the day at a regular 9-5 job. The watercooler!

Just because I wanted to be a solopreneur..doesn’t mean that I wanted to go at it alone.

Hello, online communities.

These have been my saviour.

To the untrained eye, it may look like I’m spending all my time on Facebook but trust me I’m so over what my highschool friends are doing and what you ate for lunch yesterday.

I’m doing business!

Yes, believe it or not there is a whole micro-economy that is booming on sites like Facebook and Google+ and that you can take part in as well.

I joined my first online communities through courses that I was participating in but there are tons of communities that you can join that are not tied to a specific course or mastermind.

Here are the essentials:

  1. Focus on finding a balance between interest and industry-based groups. Joining groups where you are keeping up with your industry and trends are important but this is not always where your next customer will be. Find groups where you can stand out and are not just one of many.
  2. Show up and provide value, first. In other words, don’t just link drop and leave.
  3. Be selective. Don’t just join every community out there. Prune regularly. Get a feel for the crowd and vibe and see if it’s a fit. Develop a few key relationships – jump on a Skype call or a Google Hangout with people and develop the relationship further.
  4. Build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.  By showing up often and building relationships, people are far more likely to use your services.


What communities are you a part of?

What are your tips for how to thrive in online communities?



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Contact Sandy Sidhu on Sandy Sidhu Media.

CLICK HERE to check out Sandy’s ‘Let’s Plus’ e-course on setting up a webinar.

Click here to sign up to her ‘how to run a webinar’ course.



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