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Get Booked on a Podcast with Jessica Rhodes

Get Booked on a Podcast with Jessica Rhodes

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to share your ‘story’ and message on a podcast?   In this episode of the Go to Girl Podcast, Jessica from Interview Connections shares her tips on ‘How to get booked as a Guest on a Podcast Interview.

Click the player above to listen or the video below for our 30 min podcast interview.

Jessica is one of the many amazing people that I met at the Social Media Marketing World Conference.  A fellow mother and podcaster,  Jessica Rhodes is the Founder and owner of Interview Connections. “Interview Connections is the premier source for booking outstanding guests for your podcast. They find and book the guests you need to deliver valuable, actionable content”.



Jessica’s got entrepreneurial genes as her dad is an entrepreneur and taught her how to set up an online business. She started as a virtual assistant for her dad and he had her start booking for him in an interview on podcast, internet radio shows and tele-seminars. That’s where she got the idea of starting her own business of connecting people through podcasts.

Some of the take aways you’ll discover in this podcast include:

  1. How to pitch and be able to connect with the show host and your potential guest;
  2. How to get booked as guest expert; and
  3. How get your story out and connect with people through interviews
  4. How to be a fun and effective Podcast interviewee.


Jessica also shares how she keeps the team running while being a mum.  She also added tips on outsourcing and delegating tasks to other staff.

Getting to podcast interview is not your typical form of media publicity. She quips that people should understand that podcast interviews are a place where you can start and grow a relationship with your listeners. She added useful information such as:

  1. What’s the first thing people need to do to get your podcast out there
  2. How to connect with your ideal people/listeners;
  3. What specific information to give so listeners hang on your every word
  4. It’s not about the number of people listening, but the relationship built after your podcast

Jessica highlighted that it is really important to grow and nurture valuable and profitable relationships because a podcast is not only a place where you pitch or sell anything.




Interview Connections facebook page


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