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How to Earn More in Your Business with Laurel McLay

How to Earn More in Your Business with Laurel McLay

Want to learn how to ‘commercialize your uniqueness’?  In this episode, Nat interviews Thought Leader Business coach Laurel McLay about how to earn more in your business.  We discuss ‘conviction based selling’ and how to be bright, gorgeous and talented in your business.

When I meet with my Mastermind Group and my Fab4 clients, which I do once a week online,  I usually start off by doing celebrations in one to five with them. So let’s do it here then.

So think about something that’s going on really well in your business or life lately that you can celebrate because so often we just kind of track off from one to-do list and then forget to pat ourselves on the back. So, I really want to get on you to take a moment and reflect what you’ve achieve lately.

Whatever that might be, just take a moment to celebrate the success or one of your wins lately. The next thing I get them to do is how they’re going on the scale of 1-5. For those who listened to some of my podcast, I’ve talked about this once before. It’s such a great exercise that you can do. My husband and I do it before business, before kids, we kind of do it as our weekly check in – like how are things going on a scale of 1-5. One, being crappy; five, being awesome.

Also, I would like to thank you for those who left reviews for the Go to Girl podcast.

Today we’re talking with Laurel Mclay of and we’ll be talking about how to earn more in your business.


Tell us about yourself

Like you, I’m a mom. I have a four-year old Cameron and a seven-year old Lucas. I do tend to sit at my work at mummy-time. But I have a couple of time of the week where I’m in super drive mode and I probably go in heck of a lot of days. That is how I manage both my work time and mummy-time. And I love both of those times.

Nat: You are definitely, what I describe as a go-getter. That is why we are very similar. I’ve mentioned you a lot in my webinars and podcast. I always refer to you because you are so generous as being a connector, with referrals and introducing who should know each other.

Yes. I call it a sisterhood actually. It think it’s a wonderful sisterhood here in New Zealand we are connected. A couple of degrees separation, but we all have the same purpose which is helping people be the best version of themselves and help others. What I often say when I’m working with people, is that I get excited when I make a difference in your lives but I get always more excited when I know the difference they do for other people’s lives. Because that is why they are doing what they are doing, you know.


You help people what to focus on and really honing it on that one thing.

I suppose it’s a little bit tricky for me to explain what I do but I help people discover what their legacy is and how to make sure that people get the experience of the legacy. I can’t stand a beautiful art exhibit without a ticket sales for people to see that art exhibition. Essentially, it is about someone getting really clear on who they are, what they know, what are their uniqueness’s and me going out and actually commercializing that.

I have a couple of ways doing that. The first one is actually showing people how to commercialize what they know through selling methods –literally called “selling your thoughts.” This is through speaking, authoring, training, mentoring, coaching, and facilitating. I am lucky enough to be in a creative mentor and the “thought leadership” which comes out from our Australia founded by a brilliant guy called Mat Church. Therefore, I take a full curriculum that get people very clear. If they’re existing coaching trainors, if they’re in a job and they don’t love what they do, I help them transition to that.

The other part I provide is I am a lead-generation girl. It comes back from my resistance to years of many sales, hated it, avoided it like anything else and then started my own company. In my mid-thirties, I loved it. There are many people that are a “natural sales”. All the while, they get complete rejection, which is like with so many people. Then I realize that I actually have to do it. Otherwise, I do not have a business. You know what, when I tried, it was that hard naturally! I just love it! I see it time and time again, the same old stuff that come up to people who came up to me. I do not say I do not get it anymore, I still think anyone who says, “I love cold selling,” is lying. However, I think a certain amount of stuff we do. It is always nice to say that you get all your work through referrals, word of mouth. But a lot of people don’t know a lot of people you know and they need their services too. So it’s just about elegantly introducing yourself into markets and doing in effective ways that’s basically driving your commercial success.

[Tweet “Elegantly and eloquently asking for the sale. It doesn’t have to be cheesy.” – Laurel McLay on GotoGirl Podcast #69]

Back in the 80’s, it was all about technique and it was like “Oh, my goodness, have I got a deal for you!” It was all about how clever you were as a sales person and you use techniques. One of those techniques was actually asking for sales. These things we get from the 80’s strategy was really asking for sales. However, we rather decided that being “clever” was not all it was. In the 90’s it was all about how to cure people disease, but they don’t know to make sales. They don’t like selling. They don’t like follow up. Moreover, they don’t think how to really package themselves. What I think that’s really going on is that they find it so destroying. You and I both know people who have dreamed the vision, gave up everything, probably spent too much money, setting up their lovely company and they’re just not getting their sales.


They start to think, “Oh my god, should I go back and get myself a real job?” And I wanna say, “No you don’t have too! You just have to do something smart and savvy. Get out there, and make yourself known.”


Avoidance perfectionism, sabotage, and distraction.

It is very common for people to sabotage their own success. A lot of people are scared of failure but actually they’re scared of their success. It’s a feeling to get nervous. Actually, try on that you can’t be without being successful because of the differences that you’re making in your life. It does come back to the self when people sabotage their own success.


Perfectionism. Sabotage is one thing, but it is really perfectionism that is so dangerous. In our community, “I just need to get it right.” What we thought is just get out there and sell it. The market will tell whether it likes it or not. We have extraordinarily relationship with failure as well –that we expect 50% of our projects to fail. That’s a good thing. Otherwise, we spend too much time sitting there until our website’s perfect, changing to the minute details when you could have use that time changing other people’s lives.


Productivity angle. My whole type of productivity is managing your time.

Folding Time – Often I’ll have my sales calls to a lot of people I need to connect with and I’ll just reprogram Nin’s number on my phone while I’m driving. I also have to be careful with the stop signs, or have to pull over.

Bloating Time- It’s like me trying to put up a Facebook ad. I spent nearly 2 hours on it because I didn’t know what I was doing. You can bloat a lot of time on Facebook. I used an amazing app called Todoist,  and that helps me to get clear on what needs to be done. It’s very much forward scheduling task.



Tell us an example of someone you’ve worked with a and how they are doing

Real Estate niche

Mums getting back to the workforce

[Tweet “What I do is help people build a healthy pipeline – how people can attract prospects in a whole heap of ways and then manage them through sales.”]


Thought leadership

Unpacking all this knowledge that they had and see the way they do. Be patient to results. Deliver your thoughts for commercial success. It’s all about looking at all aspects in your life and your history.


Lead generation

Just do one at a time contract. Only have a contract with a service or product that you are going to be investing to anyway. You are about to spend money on that something and that person need my services. Valuing you and charging yourself more.


               One on one

Two 90day partnership: Though leader partnership; Lead generation partnership

(Meet up once a week for 12 weeks; access to online programme)


Lead Generation – 21st Century Strategies to ignite your sales By Laurel McLay



  1. Find some like-minded people. Go and meet up that people and write that book. And just go away on weekend and write the book, give feedback to each other and rewrite the book.
  2. Rather than writing at my Mac, I was dictating at my phone. What you do is talk on the phone just a bit like voice memo and then you go, hit transcribe. My feedback to my book is how the conversational tone.
  3. is the printers that I used. I paid about $100 to get my content printed into the right way; $10 for my book cover to be created. Upload it to and it comes back to me. The cost of my book is $8 NZD, no minimum order.

Writing a book is never about making money. Writing a book is like positioning yourself. There’s a certain respect that you get for having written a book.




If you like the celebrations of one-five, at the beginning of this podcast, that’s the kind of thing that we do on my Go to Girl Mastermind group. This is a group of women entrepreneurs who are focused and ready to take things to the next level with their business. It is not a huge group. I like to keep it at around 30-40 peaopl and also not a huge investment for only $47/month. We have a weekly challenge, and a twice a month google hangout where I bring in experts. Soness Stevens will actually be the guest expert in March. She coaches with TedEx speakers. She’s going to give amazing nuggets of wisdom and tips about how to work around the crowd. Go to Girl Mastermind.


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