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Healthy Eating Made Easy – with Wick from Wicked Wellbeing

Healthy Eating Made Easy – with Wick from Wicked Wellbeing

One of the things that I’m keen on incorporating into my lifestyle this year is ‘healthy eating’.  It’s not that I don’t eat healthy but deep inside I know I probably consume too much sugar and carbs… So, it’s with oodles of excitement and a cup full of fear that I’m joining up to my friend and fellow entrepreneur Wick’s ‘Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club’.  Healthy eating here we come!  I say ‘we’ because as you’ll hear in this podcast episode (click player above to listen) it’s my husband Matt who is the keen Foodie in our house.  He’s the one who makes waffles on Saturday morning and does all of the kids’ birthday cakes. [Tweet “Yep… I cook because we need to eat, not because I love it! Is the Kitchen your happy place? “]

Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club

Wick is holding some spots on her online ‘Kitchen Club’ for Go to Girl fans & followers so click here to see if it’s right for you!

“It’s all about inspiration and educations around healthy food” Wick Nixon on the Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club”


In this Podcast you’ll discover:

  • How Wick went from ‘farm girl to Foodie’
  • What ‘Wicked Well-being’ is all about
  • Tips to make meal planning & prep fun and easy
  • How the ‘Kitchen Club’ can help busy mums
  • Wick’s tips re webinars & her 21 day challenge


Helpful Links:

Wicked Wellbeing on Facebook

Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club



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