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Grow your Business through LinkedIn

Grow your Business through LinkedIn

I’m a big believer in constantly learning and upskilling, so I went along to  a ‘LinkedIn Bootcamp’ facilitated by the lovely and knowledgeable Kate Nankivell.

Kate’s business is Force of Nature and she specialised in coaching people on how to optimise their profiles and how to grow your business through LinkedIn.  Click the player above to listen to our 30 min Podcast (audio) interview and read on for the show notes below.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an Expert Social Media platform for Business Developments & Social Selling for last 11 years. It’s not just for Job Seekers, Recruiters, It’s an opportunity for Small Medium and large sized business to increase sales and selling their brand, products and services

What tips do you have for growing your business through LinkedIn?

Have a Focused approach to using LinkedIn.  Always love the work you do with passion! Don’t use your LinkedIn as online basic CV profile. Businesses are offering products and services on LinkedIn make yourself unique from others so that people get to you for your uniqueness.

–       Start by optomizing your LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot image and descriptive summary.  Often if someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile appears in the top results so make sure it looks good and is a true reflection of you and your business.

–        Complete your profile by writing recommendation on your profile as they can be used like testimonials you are using for your website. With your specific work written by other.

–       Create a powerful business network by build strong relations with your connection are most important as just connecting is not enough with your network to get opportunities for your business. Get noticed by people on LinkedIn. Get better number of connections of about 500 plus connections.

–       LinkedIn sales process is a process of warm calling which you can connect to someone and can get information about the person you are connecting.

Finding leads and Opportunity via LinkedIn Social Selling

–       Be in Groups where persons are hanging all around. You can meet new people and create new relationships in your Topic.

–       Searching in LinkedIn – Advanced Search in LinkedIn compared to free premium membership can get you more feeds for your searches on particular role or specific skill. Geographically search for your upcoming events or saved searches suggestions for a specific keyword and browse persons related to your searched term easily with location.




Tips for ‘working’ LinkedIn effectively

–       LinkedIn will get make you spam if you are not making connections in the right manner and in the right way.

–       You can get into Free LinkedIn profile first than you can go for Premium as free can also offer with good services to start with your LinkedIn profile and after that get into Premium monthly packages .

–       No generic messaging as if you are creating well personalizes messages it will make us different from others. Tell someone why you are connecting to them.

–       Do something that will give results not just use as a connecting builder give your time and effort don’t just sit and expect something will give you results.

–       Posting on LinkedIn – Create ideal post material suitable for your costumer value. Questions & Answer posting, Informational Blog posting, Interesting things posting according to your product and services.

Get Business Page and personal page according to where you want to put your time and focus LinkedIn with personal profile build connections and with your Business page build followers but for this you need a good content strategy.

**If you want amazing in-depth advice on LinkedIn then I recommend you contact Kate Nankivel: Force of Nature Website.  If you want a brief overview and some suggested tweaks to improve your profile and network using LinkedIn then check out my Go to Girl Coaching Club.

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