gtg networking nights
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Go to Girl Networking Nights for Women in Business

Picture this…

You walk into the room and suddenly you feel like you belong. That feeling of hesitation from minutes prior melts away as you realise you’re surrounded by other women who ‘get it’.


Women who (like you) are juggling a business while also looking after themselves and others in their lives.


Women who know that ‘connections’ can make a massive difference to getting their business to the next level and make the journey so much more enjoyable 🌷


It’s an evening of invaluable connections & insight for your life & business! Even if you’re an ‘introvert’ you’ll have fun at this event! *Be sure to check out my ‘Networking for Introverts’ workshop too!


These Go to Girl events are infamous for the fun, inclusive & inspirational vibe – we would love you to be part of it!


The ‘theme’ for this Networking Night is ‘Do Less, Be More’. Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh and speaker will share some tips and insights on how you can do less and be more in your life and biz too!

When: TBA


Where: TBA


What:  Evening of invaluable connections & insight for your business.
*Go to Girl Members get 10% discount (promo code in fb group)

Join us for an evening of invaluable connections, ideas & inspiration for your business (and life).

The ‘theme of this event is ‘do less, be more’.  Your host, Author, speaker & Impact Entrepreneur Natalie Cutler-Welsh will share her tips on how you can do less and be more in your business and life.

Details on upcoming events coming soon…

Join Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh and speakers on the theme of ‘do less, be more’.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh (Go To Girl)
Natalie Cutler-Welsh (Go To Girl)

As your host and speaker I’m so excited to help you connect with other women in business for inspiration & collaborations.