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How to get out of a ‘slump’ in business (& life)


How to get out of a ‘slump’ in business (& life)

Wow! In the past few weeks I’ve had a bunch of women in business friends/clients mention that they’ve been in a slump lately.

I gotta say… I think a ‘slump’ is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let me explain or better yet, watch my fb live video below!

Sometimes we’re so ‘busy being busy’ that we don’t make the time to re-evaluatie or re-connect with what we actually WANT to be doing.

If you missed my recent blog & interview on Breakfast TV about ‘doing what you Want’. you can watch it here.

*It’s had 43,000+ views already! this topic is clearly resonating.

And sometimes it’s just good to give ourselves a break and do some things that fill our own cup – instead of looking after everyone else’s.

Do you agree?

Sometimes it’s a matter of doing more fun and out of the box things (like me going rock climbing & roller blading w my kids this summer or hanging off the side of the sky tower!! – more on that later). *That’s me on the Right (doing a promotion for Xero accounting & MatWorks Pilates).  More on that in my Pilates in the Sky blog.

But sometimes, it’s not a matter of ‘doing’ new and exciting things, sometimes it’s checking that what you’re already doing in your business and life are in alignment with your values, purpose, your WHY and the impact that you want to have.   I upped my brave in March and spoke about ‘Resilience’ at the doTerra Conference in Sydney to 4500 people.  (it was fun and freaky – see how small I look on the stage?).  I truly feel that building resilience for the curve balls or ‘quakes’ that life sends your way is an important part of success and happiness.  Click here to find out more about my doTerra journey and how you can get essential oils into your life &/or business. 



















Here’s my Facebook live (in my Go to Girl private group – it’s free to be a member if you’re not already) sharing tips on personal brand (and why it needs to reflect your values) and me ‘making things happen’ because I wanted to up my impact with speaking.  For you it might not be speaking but what is it?  What’s your thing? (Tell us in a comment below).

If speaking is your thing (or you want it to be something you do more of) then have a look at my Speaker success online course and my Amplify group.


And if you’re not sure what Impact you want to have or what you WANT to be doing… Here’s what I would say to you if we were in a coaching session… “Follow the Fire”.  Yep, what is it that gets you either Super Excited (like working with speakers does for me) or so f*in frustrated that you just have to do something?  (this is how I discovered my mission to 1) Save a Million Marriages and 2) help to halve the suicide rate in NZ.  Follow the fire…




So the next time you feel yourself in a slump, here’s my advice:

  • first of all know that it’s part of the business journey so is ‘normal’ and you’re not alone!
  • Pat yourself on the back and do something that fills your cup. (jogging, yoga, hot bath, nap, movie with a friend). This relate to my #GiveGiveGet mantra
  • Step back and re-connect with what you truly want to do, be and have in your life. *This is also when biz BFF’s or a mentor come in handy.
  • Consider how you can ‘tweak or pivot’ your business or business offerings or your lifestyle to be more align with your values and the impact that you want to have.
  • Follow the Fire


Keen to hear from you so comment below.

x Nat, Go to Girl

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