Fall Madly in Love with your Life -with Tracy Manu from Blossom
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Fall Madly in Love with Your Life -with Tracy Manu from Blossom

Fall Madly in Love with Your Life -with Tracy Manu from Blossom

I still smile when I remember the scene when I met Tracy Manu from Blossom for the first time.  It was 9:45 in the morning and I had done my morning drop-off (three children in three different locations) then made myself presentable and met her at a cafe in Parnell.  What a contrast!  I was ‘all go’ and talking a million miles a minute and there she was, sitting in her chair all relaxed, wearing an emerald green blouse that reflected her calm yet vibrant nature.  Her eyes really do sparkle *and if you want to learn how to get that sparkle for yourself you’ll need to listen to our podcast interview.

Tracy is a Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Writer. How perfect that she runs a retreat for women and helping them to ‘flourish’.  The next retreat is on Oct 19th click here to register.  Tracy is passionate in such a genuine and humble way about helping women to fall ‘madly in love with their life’.  Who wouldn’t want that?  She is all about adding bliss to your life and doing little things for yourself each day, like putting flowers on your desk or taking a walk or some time out for ‘you’.

Here are some of Tracy’s tips for falling madly in love with your life

*Listen to the podcast episode to hear her talk about these in more detail.

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Don’t get out of bed grumpy
  • Look into your eyes and love who you see
  • Do one thing a day to cherish yourself (flowers, walk, quiet coffee)

Tracy and I talked about life but we also talked about business and social media.  Like me, Tracy is a big fan of Facebook.

What social media works best for you and what are your tips for adding more bliss to your life?


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