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Facebook Basics for Business

Facebook Basics for Business

Ok so I’m a huge fan of Facebook!  Both for personal and for business, but you gotta know how to ‘work’ Facebook to heat things up in  your business.

Click here to listen to the Go to Girl Podcast. The Facebook for Business Podcast is #2.  I walk you through some tips for settings and skills.  In the meantime, here are a few take-away tips:


Category & Short Description: Does the ‘category’ that you’ve chosen fit your business? ‘Local business’ for example allows you to display your physical address while ‘small business’ allows you to display as your ‘short description’ which is a written blurb about your business.  Always include your website url in the ‘short description’ to make it an easy one-click for people to get through to you to order, book your service etc.

About:  Make sure you bulk up your ‘about’ section (short description, long description, mission etc) with accurate info and include SEO buzz words that relate to your business.



Reposition photo:  Make sure that your facebook page looks professional by clicking the top right hand corner of a photo post. A drop-down menu will appear and you can click ‘reposition photo’ to move it into a better position then click ‘save’.

@Tag a business page:  If you mention a facebook page in your post (business or organisation) then tag it to make it a hyperlink by putting an @ just before the business name. ie @gotogirl… a list of pages should appear and you simply click on the correct one. This makes it easier for your fans to click through to that page.

Schedule post:  If you haven’t already discovered scheduling posts you’re going to love this! As soon as you start typing your post, a clock icon will appear in the bottom left of the post box. Simply finish your post (add photo if you want to) then click the clock. It will walk you through options including year, month, date, hour and minute! Brilliant! If you’re organised enough you can schedule all of your posts for the entire week or cover yourself while away on holiday!


What’s your top tip for using facebook for your business?

If you’re into Pinterest, click here to listen to my ‘Pinterest for Business’ podcast and some of the interviews that I’ve done with other women in business.

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Cheers, Nat (Go to Girl)


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