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Targeting your ideal clients with Facebook Ads – Valerie Shoopman

Targeting your ideal clients with Facebook Ads – Valerie Shoopman

So many people say they’ve tried ads and they don’t work.  Well settle in and get ready to listen to the gold that Facebook Ads expert Valerie Shoopman has to share.

Click the player above to listen to this 45 minute podcast where Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews Valerie on what is working, what not to do and how to effectively target your ideal clients with facebook ads that work.


How she became a Facebook marketing expert:

Valerie has always loved the techy stuff. She has a degree in electronics, and later on branched out into marketing. She loves to bring the two sides to what’s possible – the tech and marketing mindset to help people.  She was able to incorporate her skills from google adwords to Facebook and hit the ground running.  She used to do every thing from autoresponders, landing pages, but decided to focus more on Facebook ads. It became a key turning point for her and allowed her to become a Facebook expert.


In this podcast, Valerie shares:

  • The power of branding yourself
  • Start out general to find out what you are most talented at and then focus on and hone in on that
  • Her gold advice as one of the movers and shakers/ influencer in social media today


Her take on Facebook ads:

  1. People tend to separate them into different buckets; Facebook ads over here and funnel over there. Facebook ads do not work that way. You really have to look at the whole picture.
  2. You have to have a strategy for your facebook ads.
  3. Go for the whole picture when running your ad.

People go on Facebook to interact with their friends and family, not to be sold on to, not to be pitched. Directly marketing to people without building a relationship with them first is off putting. In running Facebook ads, you have to play within that platform.

Facebook ads like should be like talking to friends and family:

  1. More personal, rather than call-to-action approach; and
  2. Subtle when directing your product/services

Her strategies on ‘layered approach’:

  1. Grow your following through a “layered approach” aka ‘Lasagne’
  2. Post engagement ads running to the fans of the page (getting them to trust)
  3. Lead them to opt-ins

Layered approach is getting fans liking your campaign and then you can advertise on those people who have liked your campaign. You get the best results overall, more people buying at lower acquisition cost.

Ideal time frame for running the ads:

  • Preferably optimum time – 3 months
  • 3 weeks for those who want it quick

Valerie stressed the importance of consistency, authenticity, and credibility. Each interaction with you, people are listening, looking, and trying to assure themselves, that’s true.

For business people with products:

  • It is trickier with people with products
  • They don’t have the marketing piece set up. It’s just more “buy my product”
  • They have to get out of that mind set and get on the nurturing mindset regardless of whether it’s a product or service. If you use Facebook, it needs to be in that nurturing mindset. For example, a downloadable checklist of their various products and why you would pick one over the other, or reviews, testimonials or customer-generated content that people post on your page would be a huge benefit.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our own product, we forget to take a step back from our customers and what they are thinking.

You’ll also learn valuable insights on:

  1. Value of having pixels
  2. Images in Facebook ads
  3. Reporting functionality
  4. Retargeting
  5. Time frame for facebook images
  6. Headlines that work (which is better short or long) what it is, why they need it how to get it
  7. Interests and cold leads
  8. Clearly defining your target audience on that campaign
  9. Audience size


For images:

Don’t:   Use stock images.  They stand out like a sore thumb in the newsfeed.

Do:  Use a smiling picture of you, personal pictures with eyes looking to the side and call to action.

People look over to where the eyes in the picture is looking at.

Colors that pop make people stop in their newsfeed.

You definitely want to stand out in their newsfeed

Secret sauce:

Congruency/consistency -Facebook ad when clicked on, needs to look the same, from ad to your landing page. People need to trust. Color, image, branding the same.

Links mentioned in this Episode

Book on Facebook Marketing

Lead digit text FBADSBook to 33444

PDF copy of the books

Her favorite social media app:

Periscope –enhance the behind the scenes, real-time


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