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Fab Five – How to have success and happiness in your business

Fab Five – How to have success and happiness in your business

Business isn’t easy… it’s like a roller coaster and full of wins as well as challenges and that’s… ok, normal even. Here are some of my reflective thoughts about mindset and goals as well as my fab five list on how to have happiness and success in your business.

My life is by no means perfect and remember it’s all a journey so it’s ok and normal for you to have phases of wins and times of doubt.   So I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some of my reflective thoughts about mindset and goals as well as some things I’ve done and people I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with  in my business (and life) that have in their own ways had a massive positive impact!

Get a Coach

I’m sure that most of you will agree that having a coach (someone to help you see what you can’t see in your life and business, someone to assist with strategy and to hold you accountable not only to your goals but to your values etc…) is super important.  I’ve had periods of time with and without a coach or a mastermind group to be part of.   There are tons of fabulous coaches out there but two who I really want to highlight and applaud are Kim Baird from Amazing Business and Lysa Black from Heart Magic.

Kim_bairdKim was a Guest Expert in the Go to Girl Membership on the topic of Mindset and her 1 hour session literally blew our minds (in a good way)!  One of the phrases that she said – which if you keep an eye on my Facebook page you’ll hear me talk about in videos… is “What would it take?”  She calls it asking ‘quality questions’ rather than lapsing into negative self-talk.

Kim has a live-event Inner Game coming up in September which you can find out more about here.  Otherwise if you can’t make that or don’t live close enough then you can contact Kim here – mention Go to Girl and she’ll likely be happy to have a free chat with you about how she can help your business specifically.


As the Go to Girl… I also coach / mentor people and my absolute ideal 1-1 client is someone (like me) who wants to raise their profile so that they can educate, inspire people and encourage them to take action.  People who want to be interviewed on tv, magazines, speak on stages etc… yep they’re my people so if that’s you… get in touch with me here on a free zoom call.

Speaking of coaching, here are some of my latest thoughts on mindset and goals on Facebook live…

Dress for Confidence and your Colours

personal_stylistI literally didn’t learn what colours suited me until I treated myself to a colour consult at the age of 40!! (and that was 4 years ago) before then I was wearing crazy colours that totally didn’t suit me (like Burgundy and grey – ahh!). That is until I met the fabulous and fashionable Johanna-May Manks!

Not only is she so much fun to be around but Johanna knows what looks will make you look and feel amazing.  And we all know that confidence is key in business! I can’t tell you how many times people tell me how great coral, royal blue and emerald green look on me. well guess what?  It’s because Johanna told me lol!   You can book a wardrobe consult or shopping experience with Johanna here.  *Tell her I sent you and we’ll make sure she fits you in and if you want I’ll even share some ‘after’ photos to give you a bit of business profile!


Make YOURSELF a priority

Like most women (a vast generalisation but one I see time & time again) you probably have a tendency to look after everyone (sometimes at the expense of your own happiness…).  Well if you want to have success and joy in your business then looking after #1 (that’s you) is crucial!   Otherwise what?  Bitterness, resentment… burnout… take your pick.   So take a minute now to write down 5 things that bring you joy or as I like to say ‘fill your cup’.  5 things that GIVE back to you (rather than only giving to others).  This is where my belief and mantra of Give Give Get comes in!  You need to get back/receive or else if all you do is give to others things just won’t work…  You may have seen my video or heard me speak about ‘the smoked salmon bagel’ story… we’ve all got one and it’s when you don’t get what you WANT and then you’re left feeling disgruntled.  It’s a true story (about me in the bakery with my trio of kids and them walking out with gingerbread men and donuts and me walking out empty handed because I thought hubby would be grumpy if I spent $20 at the bakery so I didn’t get the $5 smoked salmon bagel that I REALLY wanted…).


So please… make yourself a priority and do ‘one thing a day’ that fills your cup.  If you really want to be happy then have a look at my friend Amy McAuley’s ‘Happy 100 Club’.  It’s literally an online community where they get you to write down 100 things that make you happy (a bucket list of happiness essentially) and then they hold you accountable to do them all within a year!  So cool right?  Use promo code GTG if you join the Happy 100 Club and I’ll personally help you achieve one of your goals!


Move and Groove

rock_it_boardI’m a classic work-a-holic so after making myself a cooked breakfast (I literally have eggs every day) I then start work at 10am every day and tend to lapse into work mode such that I almost don’t leave my chair until it’s time to pick up the kids.

So…. getting up for a break, fresh air and a bit of movement is something I NEED (and actually want) to do. You know what’s made it easier?  Getting myself a Rock-it-Board.  Mention Go to Girl if you order one and they’ll also send you free sample of balance essential oil from me! (get it? balance…).


Offer Products/Services that you LOVE

go_to_girlOne of the things I recommend to my clients and followers is to re-visit their products/services/offerings to make sure you’re still doing what you love!  If it doesn’t fire you up then tweak it or drop it.  Like I used to love podcasting but after 200+ episodes it was feeling too much like work so I decided to focus my energy in other places.

So take some time now (or when you can) and take a look with fresh-eyes at your existing offerings and how excited about them are you on a scale of 1-5?  I used to coach people on things like lead pages and pinterest but now I’m moving more and more towards focussing my coaching on people who want to have impact and influence because THAT’S what excites me and if I’m excited I’m going to do a much better job of offering value and results to my clients!  You might even want to update your shop or your work with me page – here’s mine! 

I also tweaked my business in the last year to add some more leverage and residual income with Go to Girl online courses and essential oils.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these 5 fab five and what you would have on your list of suggestions for other women in business so go ahead and comment below!

x Go to Girl

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