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Creating & running a facebook group w Natalie Eckdahl

Creating & running a facebook group w Natalie Eckdahl

I’m a huge believer in co-opetition and shining the light on others which is why I was thrilled to connect on blab with Natalie Eckdahl for Episode #99 of the Go to Girl Podcast.   Natalie is a fellow podcaster, who I met in person while attending Social Media Marketing World in March 2015.  She is the co-founder of Schedule Max and host of the BizChix Podcast.

Natalie’s Background

She has a strong background in business, worked as a consultant in a multinational corporation and travel around the world. When she had children, she changed her lifestyle and transitioned to freelance consulting. In 2010, they launched, which is an online scheduling software 24/7. The software have the ability to text reminders (available only to North American clients). In 2014, she launched BizChix, tapping fellow entrepreneurs to hear more women on air.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Free Facebook group

-public groups

-closed group

-secret groups

  • How to deal with people who want to join the closed, paid group?
  • Tips for nurturing and managing the group
  • How to get more engagement within your groups
  • How to invite people to join
  •  Types of membership

-Lifetime membership

-Seasonal membership

-Short course group

-Mastermind group


  • As the admin/facilitator, it’s your job to protect everybody in that group
  • You have the ability to get rid of the members who are not being helpful or being negative in the group
  • Gently remind people or delete posts if they are in appropriate
  • Have a clear welcome
  • Provide great content and great conversation in your group



Links mentioned in this Episode *Check out Podcast #200 where I joined Natalie Eckdahl on a Panel all about How to Grow your Network.


Biz Chix Coop – Private Facebook group (free)

Go to Girl Private Facebook group (free)

Go to Girl Mastermind Private Facebook group (paid)

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