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Content Marketing Strategy with Dan Norris

Content Marketing Strategy with Dan Norris

Putting great content out there to your audience is an amazing way to gain a committed following, however there are some strategies to consider to make sure that you do it right!  So…. in this episode of the Go to Girl Podcast, I’m chatting with Dan Norris, co-founder of WP Curve.  While WP Curve’s ‘thing’ is “Unlimited WordPress fixes live 24 hours/day from $69/month”, a huge part of what they do is to put out helpful and relevant content.   Dan is an Author & an Australian so you’ll love his accent when you click the player to listen to our 30 min audio interview.


How did WP Curve come to be & How does it work?

I ran a web design agency for several years but it was never successful. I eventually sold it. I just wanted to start a business from scratch. That didn’t work too. I was half way to getting back a job until I started to realize the WP Curve and it kind of took off from there.

WP Curve offers businesses/wordpress users unlimited WordPress fixes live 24 hours/day from $79 per month. We fix jobs in about 8-10 hours. We’ve got a growing team of 38 people around the world, who are ready to do those changes that you just don’t have time or the skills to do. About eight (8) of them are women.

For those who want to grow their team around the world, we have a blog on this how we hire developers, like the process we do. The main thing in growing a team is that you need to have something that is profitable and you need to understand your number. So if we charge a $100 a month, how much does it cost us to service this customers. Once you know those numbers, it’s quite easy to hire people. Also if you design your business that is growing every month, just like what startups do, if you can do that, it makes hiring easy.

What tips can you share around effective Content Marketing Strategy?

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    • Quality vs Quantity

    The content must be good enough. If it’s not engaging, interesting enough, you’re not getting engagement on your content. Most people do more content without considering the quality. They will face a slow struggle in building up an audience.

    • Different Stands out

    For Facebook, consider having a weekly challenge around different models of content marketing. Like example Jon Dumas, who does podcast every day. What he does is different than everybody else. He just do it way more than everybody else. He built that huge momentum with him with that simple differentiator.

    Alex Bloomberg, of the Start-up Podcast, on the other hand, produces a highly quality podcast with professional radio people. High quality and storytelling and that brings them top 2 in rank.

    • Pay for a Good theme

    You don’t really get feedback on your theme cause it’s mostly sub conscious. If someone gets to your site, they’ll eventually form an idea if your site is legitimate and you’ll never know either way. People need to take design really seriously.

    • Be careful of your level of aggressiveness

    Be careful with what you do with your brand. What you’re building is trust so you don’t want to erode that with brand. Call-to-action in every blog posts are fine. It’s engaging the content and you should be doing that. At the end of the post, you put that in there and that’s just better than just a generic pop-up saying “subscribe to my newsletter”.

    It’s the level of aggressiveness that you have to be careful with. Having an opt-in at the end of the post is one thing. And having a scroll opt-in that cuts off people from reading and another an offer pop-up at the top that is not related to the content, be careful with that stuff.

    I think if your building a brand for long term, decent size growing company, the further along you go, the less aggressive you have to be with stuff like that. What is important is to build a brand and it’s not necessarily important if that person gets your emails every week.

    • Be wary of Ads, they can be distracting on the sidebar

    If you are creating content, the main goal of that page is to get people consume that content.  If you produce that piece of content make sure that people focus on that.

    • Great images, good links and frequency are key to content success

    Content that works needs to be genuine. Links have to be related to your posts. Images should have guidelines. Make sure they’re all having the same sizes and padding. Images adds authenticity.

    Quality trumps quantity. I think generally, frequency doesn’t really matter. If you can put 12 high quality post each month, that’s just great. We do that. All of them are all 2k-3k high quality post and aim to get high hits than just 300 words with over one hit.

What is ONE thing you wish you’d been told or done differently on your business Journey?

At the moment I’m obsessed about creating a business like a ‘start up’. Start-ups grow every month by 10%. My business before is just local and now this business is limitless. The mindset shift is the difference between this business which I hope would become a multi-million dollar company and the other one which just fizzled and die.

Learning to say ‘no’ is also something that I do now that I didn’t do so well in the early stages of WP Curve. If you want to grow, it wouldn’t be possible if you have many things to distract you. You need to have consistency. If you don’t have that simple focus, then the whole thing will just become too hard to manage.

Thanks so much to Dan for his insightful and proven tips. One of the traps that I fell into in my early days, before I started running my ‘business’ was to put out masses of free content on my Parenting Blog If Only They’d Told Me.   Don’t get me wrong, helpful, friendly & free is good, but retrospectively, I think we did this for too long before ‘asking for the sale’ and invited them to buy our book.  We also didn’t really have a strategy around what content we were posting.  We were putting the finishing touches on our book at the time and we didn’t put the systems in place to ‘capture’ and ‘nurture’ our growing audience via a proper email list, auto-responders etc.  Ah so much learning has taken place since I started Go to Girl!


What is your Favourite Social Media Platform?

I’m a fan of Facebook.



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