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How Collaborations, Affiliates & Brand Ambassadors can grow your business

How Collaborations, Affiliates & Brand Ambassadors can grow your business

Collaborations and affiliates are two things that can have a massive impact on your business – especially in an area where so many women struggle which is overwhelm and trying to ‘do it all’ themselves!  In fact, they happen to be the ‘theme’ in the Go to Girl Community during the month of July.  Yep… I put a wee poll to the ladies in both my free Go to Girl fb page as well as the girls (getting more GTG goodness) in the Go to Girl Membership and this topic of ‘Collaborations, Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors’ was the stand-out!


affiliate_ambassadorBecause more and more we’re realising that just because we want to add an ‘online course’ to what we sell/offer, doesn’t mean we need to be the one that creates it.  Here’s a great example… Ok so Renee from Fab Mumma has a tribe of mums who struggle with depression.  She knows that exercise is something that can help her women but she doesn’t necessarily have the expertise (time or inclination) to create a fitness program herself… Solution: Connect with someone else who has an offering/product/service that your peeps would want AND it’s sorting that you genuinely like and believe in (this is key) then you can work out an ‘affiliate arrangement’ with that person that is win-win so that you sell their product/service/program and you get a thank-you commission!  How cool is that?

So because the love of my life is connecting people, I’m going to connect Renee with the fab Lauren Parsons who has a program called ‘Get Fit, Feel Fabulous’ (you may recognise the name as I’ve promoted it in the past because I’m one of her affiliate partners!).

Here’s a 10 min video where I explain the difference between affiliates and collaborations and how they can help you to reach your July (or any month) goals!


Here are some of my fave Affiliate resources:

  • Commission Factory – you can pick & choose from a bunch of products and services and sign up for their affiliate program.
  • Slice Digital:  You can sign up to be an affiliate from any of their listed affiliates or use them to host your own.
  • Ultimate Bundle Affiliate Program You can sign up to promote specific ‘bundles’ that relate to your audience. Everything from ‘Conquer your Clutter’ through to the Ultimate Parenting Bundle. *You an also become a contributor if you have a digital product or program that is a good fit for one of their bundles.

Challenge:  Write a brainstorm list of 5 programs, products or people who offer something that your audience might need/want who you could be a possible affiliate for.

Then… #UpYourBrave and take action and contact them or find the link and sign up to their affiliate program.  This way you will receive a ‘thank you commission’ for any clients you bring their way.  I love a good #winwin.  Alternately if YOU have a product/program that you think would be beneficial to other people’s audiences/followers then by all means reach out to them.

go_to_girl_membershipI’m happy to advise on the how and how much etc. just contact me (PM on Facebook is best) but I generally advise 10% for 1-1 or products and higher for more 1-many model or digital products.  Does that make sense? I’m hoping to plant a seed and help you to figure out ways to have more LOVE and Leverage in your life and business.
We will be diving deep into this topic during July in the Go to Girl Membership (but of course as a member you get instant access to all guest expert and Q&A replay videos).

Brand Ambassadors

What are these, how do you get one or become one?

I’m a big believer in ‘ask and you shall receive’ and if you’ve been to one of my events you may have heard me speak about how I’m a brand ambassador for Augustine Clothing.  Yep, I absolutely love and adore her colourful clothes (note: It’s super important that you genuinely love the thing you’re endorsing).  So I just asked her!  (Granted I’d been a loyal customer in the past, I’d connected with her for years, interviewing her for my blog and podcast etc so we had a foundation to go from).

If you’ve got a big following (or very engaged following) on social media, you might be an ideal brand ambassador for someone’s product or clothing.   While ‘affiliates’ are more about trackable links and associated commission, Brand Ambassadors can be ‘paid’ in product as well as in money. Usually a specific fee for X number of posts on Facebook or Instagram rather than a per sale situation.

Makaia Carr, Pauline Stockhausen and Sera Lilly are a few examples of people who have big followings and often get approached to be brand ambassadors by various companies.  I recently did some ‘brand ambassador’ match making and connected one of my GTG Members with an adorable range of kids clothing with someone on Instagram who has a committed following of mums.  We’ll wait and see what happens!

I hope that gets the ball rolling with you – even just thinking about how you can add collaborations,affiliates or brand ambassadors to your ‘marketing strategy’ to get you in front of more of your ideal clients and to allow you more love & leverage in your biz!

x Nat, Go to Girl


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