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It can be pretty tricky, running your own business… wanting to be more visible and have an impact and wanting the cash to come in a bit easier… One of the things women love about Natalie the Go to Girl is that she helps you to  get connected to amazing people, gain support and get seen so you can have more fun and freedom in your business (and life).


I help women to be seen & heard on a bigger level so they can have a  bigger IMPACT on the world.  Whether that’s being seen on Facebook, in a magazine on tv or an event.

I LOVE to connect people help them create win-win collaborations with others and give them the courage to get out there to give (while also getting back in return).  I’ll help you to have a thriving business that you love (and it loves you back) while not losing yourself in the process… so you have more fun and freedom in your business (and life).  Sound good?

I’m an extroverted-extrovert so my happy place is on-stage or on a coaching call sharing the insights, ideas and mistakes I’ve made over the past 5 years as the Go to Girl (as well as experiences from my days as an Outdoor Instructor, Projects Manager and mother of 3).  For info on upcoming events or hire me to speak.

Go to Girl started as a free business coffee group that I ran from my lounge because I kept meeting school mums who were running their own business.

One was an artist, another was a personal trainer and they loved the idea of bouncing ideas off each other and gaining support.  Flash forward and now I’m working with women in business across New Zealand (and the world) helping them to connect, collaborate and ‘up their brave’ to get their message out. As one woman put it, I create opportunities for them to shine!

I’ve recently added ‘essential oils’ to my repertoire as it totally jives with my mission of empowering women and my eco-minded ways (did I mention I have an under grad in International Development and a Masters in Environmental Education?).  One of my high-level coaching clients is really into the oils so I found out about them through her and I was hooked! (ask me if you want to know more or order some for yourself).

I love helping women to be seen and heard and to have a thriving business that they love while still taking amazing care of themselves and their family.

What is my area of genius or speciality? Connecting people… it’s what I’ve always done and what I do best!

What are you struggling with the most at the moment?  I can probably help…

Click here to book a complimentary 20 min skype with me!

Here’s a 4 minute video from Seven Sharp about my business journey & the amazing women I work with!


I’ve always wanted to ‘change the world’ and help people.

Ever since I was in high school and in the GAIA and Amnesty International Club.  I went to Guyana when I was 19.  It was eye opening and wonderful and when I got home the Malaria kicked in.  So did the realisation that My degree in International Development gave me great insight but I didn’t have the skills or knowledge to really help.  Not in the way that I wanted to.

I turned my attention to helping people by using the Outdoors as a medium for personal development. I returned from Canada to my home country of New Zealand. I competed in (and completed) the famous Southern Traverse 5 day non-stop Multi-sport race.  I used the outdoors to facilitate personal development and for me, it wasn’t about the rock climbing or the kayaking… it was about the people.  The looks on their faces when they did something that they never thought they could achieve.  Or when they set aside their ego and asked for help… Then I reverted back to study and got my Masters in Environmental Education, I tested out Politics but that’s not the best place for someone wanting to become a mother.


In my next phase of life I wanted to help parents.  Mothers in particular, like me who felt a bit lost in their new role.  A beautiful baby and confusion around identity and frustration around trying to still always be busy getting things done.  I wrote and published a book ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ and recorded over 125 podcasts with my co-author and then the next chapter began…

When the earthquake struck I was thrown to the ground.  
My pregnant belly making it tricky to crawl but I needed to get to my two year old boy who had things falling on him in the garage.  
My beautiful responsible four year old girl was standing by the gate.  
We were safe.  
We were lucky.  
We were alive.  
I went into labour that night.  He was healthy.  
Again… feeling so grateful.  

So in 30 hours my husband lost his job, we had a massive earthquake and had a baby. On top of that, our ‘forever home’ (that we’d just invested $200k renovating) was deemed no longer liveable so we moved and we started again.  New city, new house, new friends, new life. Life was more expensive in this new city.  So what did I do?  I started a business and called it Go to Girl. My desire to help was now pulled in a new direction.  Women in business.  Women like me who were finding the beautiful cross-section of a talent or gift, something they loved to do and something that people needed and would pay for!

So now I’m an Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Social Media coach and ‘Impact Entrepreneur’ and I’m on a mission to help women in business to be seen & heard on a bigger level so they can have a BIGGER impact on the world.  

Through connections, collaborations & courage, I help them to have more fun & freedom in their business & life! 

That’s what I love.