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How & Why to Outsource so you can do what you love

How & Why to Outsource so you can do what you love


I was pretty excited about this podcast, as not only was I chatting with fellow Canadian Joszef Kiss (cool name eh?) but it was also a topic that was close to my heart and crucial to me growing my business!

We’re talking about why and how to outsource your unwanted tasks so you can do what you love!  Click the player above to listen to this 30 min interview with Joszef who is founder & director of Somebody2Hire and VirtualAssistant2Hire.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The story behind Somebody2Hire and VirtualAssistand2Hire
  • Why outsourcing can help you grow your business and do what you love!
  • Some ‘success stories’ of happy clients
  • 2 Top Tips for hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Jozsef’s favourite Social Media platform


Since recording this episode, I have brought TWO new Virtual Assistants on to the Go to Girl team and I can’t express how ‘freeing’ it is to have people to just delegate stuff to and it gets done!  I signed up for free project Management tool and that’s what the 3 of us use to list tasks and keep each other updated on progress.  Coleen is my website VA and Irene is my Social Media VA.   Thanks Josef for making the hire process so easy!

I’m crazy impressed with how easy, efficient & awesome it was to hire through Jozsef & his team at VirtualAssistant2Hire especially after faffing around with Odesk for so long!  I’m going to write them a raving fan testimonial as I totally recommend them!

Thanks Jozsef and team!  xo Go to Girl


For me, 2015 is all about being focussed and present!  That means I want to focus on what I LOVE to do and I’m good at (Coaching my Fab 4 clients, podcasting and facilitating my Go to Girl Membership group) and delegating all of the other stuff to my fantastic virtual assistants!   There will be no more trying to work when I’m ‘supposed to be’ playing with my 3 year old!   Here he is ‘helping’ me at my desk…

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