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6 Tips for TV & radio Interviews

6 Tips for TV & radio Interviews

If you’re anything like me you love sharing your knowledge and insight and the more who can hear it the merrier!  For others, the thought of being interviewed on LIVE radio or tv is something to be avoided.  Whatever your situation, here are 6 tips that will help you to rock your interview!


1. Know your Goal

Anyone who’s watched my videos or worked with me 1-1 or in my membership will know that one of my fave go-to phrases is ‘know your goal’.  It’s the same with an interview. Know what you want to achieve and the message you want to get across. For example if you’re talking about your book then your goal may be to weave in a mention of where they can buy it and specifically to sell X number of books or to gain X number of email subscribers off the back of the interview.  At this point its important for me to point out that media coverage is AMAZING for upping your profile and positioning but doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.  It’s part of the journey and a piece of the puzzle but certainly not the magic bullet.


2. Map out your key points

Usually w radio or tv they will give you the topic (or occasionally they will ask you for a topic idea/angle) either way be prepared to talk to that topic AND for it to totally deviate and the conversation to go another way.  This flows in nicely with my ‘know your goal’ tip because to a certain extent regardless of what they ask you… you want to know what your 3 key points are that you want to make.

I’d suggest writing down your 3 key points on paper and having them beside you – not to ‘read’ but to glance at as a quick reminder. If you’re on radio you can literally cross them off as you say them whereas on tv you’ll need to mentally make note of your progress.
Part of my prep work is to write out my key points on sticky notes and that gives me the flexibility to move them around and order them according to relevance or priority (the interview time will go way quicker than you think).



3.  Love your Look

This is the ‘what to wear’ bit that doesn’t matter as much on radio if you’re doing a call in (though dressing professionally and definitely standing up during interview can definitely help).  For TV remember to avoid stripes or busy patterns. If you’re going on a show w lapel microphones be aware of long hair or your necklace rubbing on the mic (same tip if you’re speaking at an event).  When I went on The AM show (pic above) they remind you to not wear noisy jewellery -especially bracelets as the big mic can pic up all sorts of random jangles.

I’ve never been one to wear black so I usually go for my fave bright colours of pink, blue or yellow.  *The first thing Amanda Gilles said to me on set was ‘nice jacket’ (thanks to Kelly from Augustine.co.nz).

Another trick for beginners on studio shows like this is that they will often film the back of your head and side shots so be prepared (I once did ‘video hair’ and only curled the front of my hair for an event but they then filmed from the side).

4. Be Flexible

This tip comes care of Lauren Parsons Health and Wellbeing coach of Get Fit Feel Fabulous who did a book tour and got a ton of media coverage.  She says: “If you get asked a closed question or something a bit off topic, smile, nod, say yes, and then lead into what you want to share with a starter like…
what is so important to remember is….
The real issue is…. “  Lauren and I had some good pre-interview coaching chats around which jacket to wear and is your website ready to capture the leads…

5. Be Website-ready

There’s no guarantee that they will mention your website but I always like the proactive approach of having it ready ie. having an opt-in on the home page so that you can collect email addresses for any new visitors. Having the Facebook pixel installed on your website is also super smart as this will allow you to re-target anyone who has visited in the last 180 days with a Facebook ad!    *Ideally you have an opt-in that relates or is align with the topic you’re covering in the interview but if that’s too tricky than the ‘something is better than nothing’ rule applies.

Another way to be proactive about the website is to email the producer before the interview with a message similar to this:  Hi X, I’m so excited to be a guest on your show, if there’s a chance to run my website along the screen or to mention it, it is: gotogirl.co.nz and I then sign off with a title that is relevant to the interview ie. Cheers, Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Author of If Only They’d Told me and CEO of Go to Girl Social Media & Networking

6. Thank you Follow-up

It’s always good manners (and helps for getting invited back on) if you thank the person who invited you on the show. Maybe it was an agent or the producer or a friend (like me lol) who recommended you.  Whenever I finish an interview I always take a few moments to reflect on ‘what went well’ (the same game I play with my kids when I read them books at bedtime) and then to text or email the tv producer/contact and thank them for inviting me on.  Here’s an example:

Hi X, thanks so much for inviting me to be on the AM show – I loved it!  More than happy to come back on in future on any topic ranging from social media to parenting to how to be a happy mum. Cheers, Nat 

The second part of follow up is to promote the link and replay on social media and your website. The intention of this is two-fold. Firstly to further educate & inspire people (more people) and secondly to raise your profile. I know this is easier for ‘extroverted extroverts’ like me but please do yourself and your ideal clients a favour and put it out there!  You can pick and choose ie. does the topic suit linked in or just Facebook?  If you’re on Instagram I would recommend putting it there too *or if you’re up for it recording a ‘story’ just after your radio or tv interview where you do a recap or maybe mention a few things you forgot to say during the interview.  There is so much opportunity with media coverage to be able to spread your message and positively impact people, after all… that’s what you went into business for in the first place right?

Well there you have it!  6 tips to get you focussed & fired up for your upcoming interview on radio or tv.

We would love to hear your tips & experiences too so comment and let us know some of your gold or any questions you’ve got on this HOT topic!  Grab my free Speaker Success Checklist for more tips to help you get the gig and rock the gig!


x Go to Girl

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