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GO TO GIRL: Helping women in business to say what they WANT & make it happen!

I invite you… To say what you WANT and make it happen! Through connections, collaborations & courage, I want you to know that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!

C’mon sister, let’s do this!!

x Nat aka Go to Girl

Speaker's Success Checklist

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Including Tips on:

  • Promotion and getting the speaking gig (online and in person)
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  • What to take with you
  • Speaking at the event
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In business are you doing what you’ve always done or have you tweaked (or pivoted) along the way? When I attended the Unfiltered Live event in mid May they talked about how crucial it is to tweak and respond to changes.  I totally agree! I......

Wow! In the past few weeks I’ve had a bunch of women in business friends/clients mention that they’ve been in a slump lately. I gotta say… I think a ‘slump’ is not necessarily a bad thing. Let me explain or better yet, watch my fb......

Picture this… the sun is just starting to peek through the clouds and there you are with wind in your hair, surrounded by people you respect who are travelling a similar but different journey to you.  On one hand you’re thinking ‘wow this is amazing’......

Amplify 1-1 in person Mentoring

AMPLIFY in person 1-1 mentoring session is one of three ways that I can help you to put yourself out there so you can up your impact (and income).

Click for more info & to book 


Go to Girl AMPLIFY is one of three ways that I can help you to put yourself out there, get the gig and make the most of it!  This small group mentoring programme is 3 months and designed specifically for experienced speakers who want to Up their Impact!

Click for more info & to apply for Amplify. 

People always talk about the fun and collaborative ‘vibe’ at Go to Girl events.

You can find out about upcoming events, workshops & conferences on the Upcoming Events page.  Everything from Go to Girl Business and Wellness events events and other events related to women entrepreneurs, business & self-care.

As seen on the AM Show, NewsHub and numerous online & print publications, Nat aka ‘the Go to Girl’ has areas of expertise on topics including: Entrepreneurship, The power of Connections, Resilience and Juggling Motherhood and Wellness.

“I’m in my happy place speaking or being interviewed as well as facilitating workshops that are at full of inspiration & education (and entertaining too).

I’ve also got a talented network of women who are sought-after guest experts and speakers so ask me about that too!”

I’ve taken the GOLD that I’ve learned through the years from speaking on stages and tv, interviewing and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners and I’ve made it available for YOU in the form of online courses.

Whether you want ‘Networking tips to take your business to the next level’ or to ‘Do Less & Be More’ so you can have more Love & Leverage in your business or the inside scoop on ‘the Business of Podcasting’ these courses will help you to thrive in business while still looking after you!

As part of my mission: #SavingAMillionMarriages I’m helping people to de-tox their homes and hearts with doTerra Essential oils.  They’re definitely my go-to for health and wellness support and an added form of exponential income that allows me and my amazing team to have a BIGGER positive impact on the world!

You can find out more and book a chat about how oils can help your health or business here on my  Go to Girl Essential Wellness page.

If Only They’d Told Me

Check out my Parenting book, blog & podcast

Looking back there are so many things I wish I’d been told.  Ever feel that way?

Now you can help your friends (or yourself) and have a good laugh along the way as you read or listen to insights, tips and animated stories about life when you’re juggling the motherland with Nat & Jacqui from If Only They’d Told Me.

One of my fave things in the world is helping people to say what they WANT and make it happen!  Sometimes you need help to #PutYourselfOutThere… I can help with that too!

Find out how to Work with Me here. 

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